Couple's Therapy Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 "Fear of the Future"

Dr. Jenn checks in on Liz after a health scare
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So it's time to recap another episode of Couple's Therapy. This episode is all about the future of the couples and what they're afraid of in their relationship.

This episode starts where the last episode left off: with Tyler and Catelynn both crying after getting into an an argument about calling off their wedding.

After spending some time in bed, sobbing, Catelynn finds assistant counselor Sarah because she needs someone to talk to. She feels that Tyler doesn't feel the same about her anymore, but Sarah gives her some great perspective on the situation.

Catelynn gets emotional over Tyler
Aww :'(

Catelynn then goes into a one-on-one session with Dr. Jenn to talk about what happened with Tyler and she made a lot of brilliant points that Catelynn needed to hear. She also reinforced some of the points that Tyler was trying to make: that they both need to be more independent and happy on their own in order to improve their relationship and be ready for marriage. Catelynn walks out of the session much more confident and is able to better connect with Tyler afterwards.

Meanwhile, Chingy and Temple are arguing about moving in together, so Chingy goes to Joe for advice. (Yeah, because Joe is the best person in the WORLD to go to advice on how to treat a woman...NOT!!) Catelynn joins in on the conversation and they decide on a six-month plan.

Chingy and Temple reach an agreement with the help of Joe and Catelynn
Hugs, not high fives Chingy!!!

Dr. Jenn, then, decides to have group therapy outside where the couples open up about their fears. Tyler opens up about his fear about telling Catelynn how he feels sometimes, because she jumps to conclusions and overreacts sometimes. Heather talks about her fear of the future with Dustin. She's afraid that they aren't on the same page about what they want and if she stops controlling him, he'll leave her. She then goes into a session with Jenn to talk about their issues further.

After this, we find out some shocking news about one of the couples: Liz is pregnant. She is devastated and now feels even more trapped in her relationship with Flav. She then seeks Catelynn for advice and finds some comfort after talking to her.

Liz gets support from Catelynn
It's cool that Catelynn was the first Liz turned to for comfort :)

After this, Liz starts to become out of it and Dr. Jenn is concerned. Since Liz is pregnant, Jenn wants to be checked by a doctor, but Liz refuses. She then has to call an ambulance and force to go to the emergency room.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/fear-of-the-future/1711130/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Abbey opens up about Joe's controlling habits, and Joe gets into a fight with Flav over Liz's pregnancy.


Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 Crash & Burn, Girl

Source: abcfamily.com

As Hannah continues to deal with her mother's arrest, she tries to figure a way to shorten her sentence. When she visits her mother in jail, she realizes that one of two things can happen. Either she is sentenced to 20 years in prison or, if she is convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced for life. Hannah is devastated and tries to convince her mom to do the 20 years, even though she insists she's innocent.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Toby team up to search for A and Emily skips out on a doctors appointment for her shoulder to follow Spencer and Aria to look to look for clues proving Hannah's mom's innocence.

Here's a link to the episode: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_qbalt8u1/crash--burn-girl

Next Week: Hannah risks her entire life and future to prove her mother's innocence.

Switched at Birth Recap: Season 2, Episode 17 Recap Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger

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This weeks episode of switched at birth focuses on several important issues, the main being finding his child that was put up for adoption. Since he did not know that the child's mother was going to do an adoption, he decided to chase down the adoptive parents and talk them about getting his child back. He asks Bay to come with him, but Bay decides because she already has plans with Ty. However, after talking to Ty, she realizes she may never have the opportunity to see her half-sister again, so they go down there together to meet Angelo. Unfortunately, the parents refuse to give their child back, so Angelo prepares to fight them in court.

Meanwhile, John is returning to work after his accident, Daphne gets the abstinence- only sex ed. bill repealed, and Nikki finds out that Toby has been hanging out with his ex behind her back.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/switched-at-birth/SH55120583/VDKA0_td7ff06g/prudence-avarice-lust-justice-anger

Next Week: Angelo fights to get his child back, Ty starts wondering if Bay and Emmett are more than just friends, and Nikki starts to have doubts about her and Toby's upcoming wedding.


Teen Mom 3 Premieres Monday August 26

(from left going clockwise: Mackenzie Douthit, Briana Dejesus, Katie Yeager, and Alex Skella)
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As some of you know, Teen Mom is my secret guilty pleasure. I'm even more excited because all the girls in this series seem more down-to-earth than in the past 2 shows. (cough, Farrah Abraham. cough, Jenelle Evans.)

This is also the first cast where none of the girls have gotten arrested, made a sex tape, or gotten plastic surgery. (Though, two of the dads have been arrested, they have been doschebags from the beginning anyway.)

Anyhow, in this season, the girls experience a lot of fights and breakups in their first year of motherhood. Mackenzie is struggling her family together and dealing with her disappointed mother, Katie goes from an engagement to a broken heart in a short period of time, Briana is dealing with resentment towards her absentee baby daddy pretending that he cares about his daughter, and Alex is working three part-time jobs to make ends meet, all while deciding if her drug addict baby daddy should stay in her daughter's life.

You can watch the season 1 trailer here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/936499/teen-mom-3-trailer.jhtml#id=1710530

Who are you most excited to see? Tell me in the comments below.


Couples Therapy Recap: Season 3, episode 5 "Echoes From the Past"

Tyler tells Catelynn how he feels
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So, as some of you know, Teen Mom is one of my TV guilty pleasures. I just find it interesting to watch how growing up in different childhood backgrounds can affect people's life choices as they grow up. Couples Therapy is similar, only it shares how those experiences affect relationships.

This episode focused on just that. In an emotional theropy session, the couples open up about their childhoods and how they affect their current relationship problem. Abbey opens up about how being surrounded by unhealthy eating habits taught her that food is the enemy. Flav and Liz talk about being abused as children and how they learned to be abusive towards one another. Catelynn and Tyler recap scary memories from their childhoods that bring them both to tears. From this, Dr. Jenn sees Tyler as very brave for opening up about something so personal and wants to talk to him more about his future with Catelynn.

In this session Tyler admitted that, though he loves Catelynn very much, he's not ready to get married. He sometimes feels like they settled for each other and they never got to see what else is out there. He also worries about Catelynn because she doesn't know how to be independent and he wants the best for her. Dr. Jenn tells him that he needs to be honest with her, no matter how much it hurts, so they can move forward.

After the session Tyler and Catelynn sit down to talk, and I can tell Tyler is dreading having this conversation because he know it will crush her. At first, things go ok, but when Tyler goes to check on her in their room, Catelynn has a breakdown and kicks him out of the room, just like he had feared. The episode ends with Catelynn sobbing in bed and tears running down Tyler's face from seeing Catelynn so hurt.

My personal opinion is, even though I was looking forward to them getting married, Tyler did the right thing by calling it off. They need to find themselves more and have fun adventures together before they get married. If they don't they could stuck in the daily grind of life and make it hard to keep love alive. That causes young married couples to become resentful towards each other and cause more divorces.

This is a good article I found about this episode: http://thestir.cafemom.com/entertainment/158480/couples_therapy_recap_catelynn_lowell

I found an interesting article on why people shouldn't get married at a young age. Many of these are true for Catelynn and Tyler, especially numbers 2,4,and 6: http://www.lovelyish.com/2010/09/30/6-reasons-not-to-marry-young/

Also in this episode: Flav cheers Liz up by giving her flowers and Chingy and Temple have an argument about how much how much time he spends on his tablet as opposed to her.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/echoes-from-the-past/1710393/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Catelynn talks to Dr. Jenn about learning to find herself and ambulances come to the Couple's Therapy house as Dr. Jenn finds Liz out of it.


Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 Under the Gun

Spencer and Toby. Source: abcfamily.com

Fresh from her arrest for possessing a gun without a license and trying to hide evidence, Hannah is sent back home. She is grounded from her computer and cell phone, but still finds ways to communicate with the other liars. The police take the gun away and investigate it to find out if it was the gun that ultimately killed the cop who has been murdered. Hannah's dad found out that the gun was stolen by Hannah's mother and that Hannah had been attempting to hide the evidence for her mother's protection. However, after talking to Emily, she realized the only way to protect herself is to tell the cops truth. They give the cops the tape they have of the murder and Hannah's mom is arrested.

Meanwhile Ezra is expressing interest in Aria again and Spencer and Toby are follow clues given by A to another town.

To watch the episode, go to: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_wjf7aq9j/under-the-gun

Next Week: things get more intense for the Liars as a new murder suspect is revealed.


Swiched At Birth Recap: Season 2, Episode 16 The Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Somone Living

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In this episode, things heat up for Bay and Ty and Bay starts to consider losing her v-card. She arranges plans with Ty on where to do it and asks Daphne about what her first time was like. Bay and Ty make dinner plans with another couple before the big event, but things quickly turn sour when Bay discovers the other couple include Ty's ex whom he'd hooked up with. Bay leaves, but then Ty surprises her with a romantic hotel room for their perfect first time.

Meanwhile, John is recovering from his hospital stay, but doesn't want to follow any of the doctor's orders. He wants to go forward with his political campaign and keep the incident out of the press. Katherine and Daphne are scared for his life and begging for him to take it easy.

Watch the full episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/switched-at-birth/SH55120583/VDKA0_obkp9y7z/the-physical-impossibility-of-death-in-the-mind-of-someone-living

Next Week: Angelo discovers where his child is at, Daphne and her new boyfriend get closer, and Ty starts to become jealous of Bay's friendship with Emmett.


'Teen Mom ' Stars Catelynn and Tyler Call Off Their Wedding

Wedding Tyler
Source: theashleysrealityroundup.com


It's been suspected for the past couple months, but now it's finally been confirmed. The wedding is officially off! A vh1 press release says this:

“As Tyler and Catelynn’s wedding draws near, Tyler comes to the heartbreaking realization that he’s just not ready to get married,”

The couple had planned to get married today, in a castle-like ceremony in their hometown, but now all plans are off. In fact, it's even been reported that the wedding has been cancelled indefinitely and there's no date in sight anytime soon.

Despite not getting married this summer, the couple are still engaged and very much in love. See the ups and downs of their relationship and their decision to call off the wedding and move forward on Couple's Therapy Wednesday nights at 10/9c on vh1. 


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