Couple's Therapy Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 "Fear of the Future"

Dr. Jenn checks in on Liz after a health scare
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So it's time to recap another episode of Couple's Therapy. This episode is all about the future of the couples and what they're afraid of in their relationship.

This episode starts where the last episode left off: with Tyler and Catelynn both crying after getting into an an argument about calling off their wedding.

After spending some time in bed, sobbing, Catelynn finds assistant counselor Sarah because she needs someone to talk to. She feels that Tyler doesn't feel the same about her anymore, but Sarah gives her some great perspective on the situation.

Catelynn gets emotional over Tyler
Aww :'(

Catelynn then goes into a one-on-one session with Dr. Jenn to talk about what happened with Tyler and she made a lot of brilliant points that Catelynn needed to hear. She also reinforced some of the points that Tyler was trying to make: that they both need to be more independent and happy on their own in order to improve their relationship and be ready for marriage. Catelynn walks out of the session much more confident and is able to better connect with Tyler afterwards.

Meanwhile, Chingy and Temple are arguing about moving in together, so Chingy goes to Joe for advice. (Yeah, because Joe is the best person in the WORLD to go to advice on how to treat a woman...NOT!!) Catelynn joins in on the conversation and they decide on a six-month plan.

Chingy and Temple reach an agreement with the help of Joe and Catelynn
Hugs, not high fives Chingy!!!

Dr. Jenn, then, decides to have group therapy outside where the couples open up about their fears. Tyler opens up about his fear about telling Catelynn how he feels sometimes, because she jumps to conclusions and overreacts sometimes. Heather talks about her fear of the future with Dustin. She's afraid that they aren't on the same page about what they want and if she stops controlling him, he'll leave her. She then goes into a session with Jenn to talk about their issues further.

After this, we find out some shocking news about one of the couples: Liz is pregnant. She is devastated and now feels even more trapped in her relationship with Flav. She then seeks Catelynn for advice and finds some comfort after talking to her.

Liz gets support from Catelynn
It's cool that Catelynn was the first Liz turned to for comfort :)

After this, Liz starts to become out of it and Dr. Jenn is concerned. Since Liz is pregnant, Jenn wants to be checked by a doctor, but Liz refuses. She then has to call an ambulance and force to go to the emergency room.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/fear-of-the-future/1711130/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Abbey opens up about Joe's controlling habits, and Joe gets into a fight with Flav over Liz's pregnancy.

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