Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 "You Got Me"

Jenelle Evans: Since Jenelle lives with Nathan now she's making more of an effort to spend time with Jace, so she's taking him to a swimming lesson. Afterwards, Jenelle calls Babs and asks if she can take him overnight, but since he's still sick, she says no. It's nice to see Jenelle make more of an effort to spend time with her kid.

Later, Jenelle talks to Nathan about the swim lesson and how she should have Jace more. That gets them on the conversation of babies. They decide they are going to try for a baby, Nathan adding that they "practice every day" (TMI guys, TMI!!!) Jenelle asks Nathan how she thinks her mom will react to the news and he does the most hilarious Babs impression EVER!!! The two think they're ready for a baby after being together for only two months, so she decides to go off birth control.


"Can't you just be happy for us mom?"

Later, Jenelle and Nathan go out for ice cream with Babs to let her in on the plan. Babs already think Jenelle is pregnant and is relieved when they tell her she's not... until they tell her that they are trying to. Babs tells Jenelle that she is an adult now and she will not be raising another kid... all while Jace is running around the ice cream shop, as you do.

"Have fun takin' cah of ya own kid this time!"

"Why do I have these crazy people for my parents?"

After this, Jenelle meets up with her trashpit friend, the newly fake redhead, Tori to tell her the plan. Even she is worried, which should tell you something Jenelle.

"What has my friend turned into??"

Kailyn Lowry: It's time for Kail to do the most delicious step of wedding planning, the cake taste testing. "Later that day", supposedly, Kail tells Javi that she picked out pumpkin flavored cake and Javi responds with "Yummy". (Lol) Javi also bring along a surprise: keys to their new home. They are happy, but also afraid of getting caught moving without permission and what would happen if the judge says no at the upcoming court hearing.

Kail and Javi's new house.

It's moving day and Kail's in-laws come over to help. Javi's mom asks how the baby is in Spanish and Kail responds with "Lookin' big!" Kail says the move is going to make her go into labor. (That would be interesting...) They arrive at the new house and Kail shows Isaac his new room. He doesn't like it, but he'll get used to it after a while.

Once they've settled in, Kail and Javi talk about the upcoming court date and how Kail hopes this will all be over with before the baby comes.


"When are you going to leave me alone, Jo?"

When Kail goes back to Pennsylvania to get the rest of her stuff, she meets up with her maid of honor to talk about wedding planning and her new life. Kail says she feels 30 because she's married with two kids.

Chelsea Houska: Though Chelsea and Aubree are both doing well in school, Chelsea is ready for a vacay, so they plan a trip to Cali to celebrate her 22nd birthday. Though they don't know what they are going to do, they are excited to get away.

"Where's my bikini shirt, people?"

They arrive in LA, just in time for some tourist shopping. They pick up bikini shirts and rollerblade around town, as you do. Chelsea and Megan end the night with a birthday drink and don't feel like going out because they're "old farts now".


What a typical tourist does in LA...


"I'm too old to party, people!!"

Meanwhile, Adam is meeting up with his trashpit friends at the local bar to discuss his upcoming baby and tells them the story of how he is going to go to court for visitation rights... again.

Leah Calvert: Leah is still adjusting to Jeremy being gone when she finds out that her best friend got married and is moving away. She calls Jeremy to vent, but the conversation turns around to his job. He describes that he sometimes feels physically ill and Leah begins to worry.

Meanwhile, Corey sits down with his dad to talk Ali's condition and how Corey doesn't believe he's in denial because he wants to stay positive. (There's a difference between being positive and straight out in denial, Corey) His dad is glad that he is strong because isn't always.

Later, it's time to say goodbye to Kayla. She and Leah have an emotional moment and Kayla is on her way.


"Don't forget about us Kayla!"

*Photos from okmagazine.com and theashleysrealityroundup.com

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-5-you-got-me/1722513/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Jenelle may be pregnant, Kailyn fights with Jo, Chelsea fights with Adam, and Leah fights with Jeremy.


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 "Working Overtime"

"You cheesy little Ken Doll!!"

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle and Nathan decide to get a new place of their own instead of crashing at Nathan's pad. Jenelle goes to lunch with Jace and Babs to break the news to them and Jace responds with "Why?" (This kid is a genius already). Jenelle and Babs discuss a new visitation plan and Babs allows her to take Jace overnight.

Jenelle and Nathan's new pad...

Jenelle and Ken Doll (er, I mean Nathan) find a new place and it's time to move in. They have an argument over dog poop and Jenelle unpacks the whole u-haul herself while Nathan cleans it up. They finally settle in the new house and Nathan gives Jenelle a massage.

Babs and Jace visit Jenelle at her and Nathan's new pad. Babs is impressed by the dogs, but Jace wants all new toys. Babs is shocked by how expensive the place is, but since Nathan has good job selling time shares, they're not too worried about that.

Babs and Jace come back over to the pad to discuss visitation with Nathan and Jenelle. She's willing to let her have Jace more now that she's supposedly clean 'n sober. Babs and Nathan both agree that Jenelle is a good girl, but just got with the wrong people (uh, huh. I think it's more than that!!) and that Jenelle has finally grown up.

"Better not spoil this for me Jo!!"

Kailyn Lowry: Kail is back to her signature blonde locks again, and she is preparing to move. Even though Kail hasn't gotten the approval to move with Javi, they are looking for places to live for when they do. Javi calls Kail and tells her that he found a nice place in their price range that is close to base. Kail is worried about what would happen if the judge declines relocation permission, but at this point, they are both worried about what will happen if they continue to live separately.

Kail and Javi go on to look at the house for sale. Even though they are not able to see the inside, they decide to start the process by applying for a loan and hoping for the best, since they are tired of living apart. (Bonus: Javi rubbing Kail's back in this scene was super cute!!)

While Isaac is with Jo playing Power Rangers, Kail meets up with her maid of honor, Peach, to discuss the wedding. The baby is punching Kail's stomach as she tells Peach why she wants a wedding before the baby comes. They also talk about the house and how Kail would have to live with Javi's parents if Jo stopped her from moving.

Kail is anxiously waiting for Javi to come home for the weekend. When he gets home, they talk about how excited they are to possibly own a house and all the stress Kail is under. She is planning to move in with him, even if the court case isn't over yet.

"Noo don't grow up on me!!!"

Chelsea Houska: It's Chelsea's 22nd birthday, but has to celebrate with a test on skincare. She uses her mom for a guinea pig. Chelsea does well on the test and goes to lunch with her mom afterwords to discuss Adam's visitation. She decides to let Adams parents have Aubree overnight so she can get ready for Aubree's upcoming birthday, but doesn't want to discuss visitation with her mom.

In the next scene, we get to see Chelsea reading to Aubree (aww). The rest of the scene is all about Adam and his very preggo girlfriend Taylor discussing their excitement about the new baby. She is due in only two days in they are eating out. (Anyone else think it would be hilarious if her water broke in the restaurant??!!) They also complain about Chelsea and how Taylor should get rights to Aubree just because Adam impregnated her.

Chelsea prepares Aubree for her first day of preschool, but is not quite sure if she's prepared for the big day herself. Chelsea feels old now that she's 22, but Aubree doesn't feel the same. (!) (Seriously, Aubree is the cutest kid...ever)

Adam decides to come with Chelsea to pick up Aubree in a sweet new ride and forgets Chelsea's birthday. (wow...) Aubree immediately reaches out to Adam, probably because she never sees him and he likes to tease her with visitation. Chelsea wants Aubree to be a baby again, but Aubree disagrees.

Since Chelsea has another client test on her birthday, she drops Aubree off with her mom and cousin. They have a little bit of time so she talks to her mom about her frustration over Adam just now pretending to play daddy. Her mom just listens and Chelsea leaves for her test.

"I hope I can handle this mess by myself!"

Leah Calvert: Leah is once again by herself with the kids when Jeremy leaves for a month-long work trip 8 hours away. Her mom comes over to talk about the situation with Ali and what it could mean for their living arrangements. They discuss the difficulties of Ali's diagnosis and Leah's mom gets emotional talking about seeing her daughter hurting.

Corey talks to Miranda about Ali's doctor's appointment and how he doesn't want her to continue testing. He and Miranda both agree that she should have a normal childhood and they must remain optimistic. Miranda seems sweet and like a great step mom. I hope she gets more airtime this season.

While Corey busy keeping a sassy Aleeh away from dangerous cats, Leah calls Jeremy to tell him that they should sell their house. Leah's stepdad comes over and the two discuss the farm Leah's looking at. Her stepdad agrees that they should move to a place that's handicap accessible, but is worried about her moving so far away from family.

Leah and Corey meet up for their exchange and the sisters are fighting again. The parents talk about when the girls should start preschool, which leads to the conversation of Corey still being in denial. Corey believes that he will eventually walk Ali down the isle. I know Corey wants to stay positive for Ali's sake, but he's in for quite a rude awakening.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-4-working-overtime/1722139/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Jenelle and Nathan talk about starting a family, Kailyn tries to come up with a custody agreement with Jo, Chelsea and Megan take a vacation, and Leah's friend gets married and moves away.


Pretty Little Liars Couples: Who's Your Fave?

In honor of Singles Awareness Day, er... I mean Valentine's Day I'm writing a special article about the  Couples of PLL.

Ezra: "Life isn't always romantic. Sometimes, it's realistic. Sometimes, things don't work out the way you want them to."

Aria and Ezra: Although they're no longer together, this forbidden romance is one to remember.

What Lucy Hale actually did for Vday...(yum)

Lucy Hale Celebrates Valentine's Day With a Burrito

Hanna: "I actually believed he loved me."

Hanna and Caleb: Though they recently split after Caleb took off to Ravenswood, their love will always be in our hearts.

Ashley Benson and real life boyfriend on Vday...
Ashley Benson and Ryan Good in Los Angeles, California on February 13, 2014

Emily: "I'll be your date. But I'm not dressing like a dude."

Emily and Paige: The only gay couple on the show, who could forget these cute same-sex lovers.

But none is better than Emily and her late girlfriend Maya...

Toby: "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done."

Spencer and Toby: Their steamy romance and cute lovey-dovey scenes are almost sickening (except for that time when Spencer found out Toby was on the A team...)

Troin's real-life advice to lovers on Vday:

“Don't be boring tomorrow. Get her something wicked,”

With her real-life boyfriend...

Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Pose For a Pic in Paris, France on February 2, 2014

*Sources: Wetpaint.com and google.com

Who is your favorite couple from Pretty Little Liars? I vote Spencer and Toby, but that's just me...

What the Teen Mom Couples Did for Vday!!

Happy Singles Awareness Day people!!! After working at Party City today and seeing HUNDREDS of red heart balloons, I am ready for this day to be over. Although this day sucks, I enjoy watching cute couples on my computer screen. (Yes, I am cheap and don't pay for cable.) This is what the cute Teen Mom couples did in honor of Vday. (Sorry, it wouldn't let me upload the instagram photos, but I posted the links...)

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Cate and Ty really went all out this year...

Babe got me a date night in a bag! Wine, movie, blanket, chocolates, and some popcorn! Best valentines day ever! Gonna spend it on the couch cuddling and watching movies ❤️😍 xoxo love u babe!!!@tylerbaltierramtv

Such a cute card then u pull the tab! 😂😂❤️ lmao#bestboyfriendaward

I've got the best babe ever!! Even got me these beautiful flowers love him!!! ❤️😍 @tylerbaltierramtv

To top it off a great dinner made by my babe ❤️#toocute

And Tyler...

My babe is the BEST! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! This has been the most AMAZING 8 1/2 years of my life. Feels just like yesterday we were sitting on the grass in 7th grade talking about how we should be boyfriend & girlfriend lol! Look at us now! I love you@catelynnmtv more than you will ever know 😍❤️😁

Candlelight dinner I made for my babe @catelynnmtv. Well I cooked she lit the candles lol #ValentineDinner#LoveHer #Steak

Ok, these two are officially making me sick. Let's move on to the next couple...

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith:

From Jenelle's twitter:

Happy Valentines Day tweeters! Have a great day. ❤️😊💄👠🍫🎁

Then, there was a bunch of drama but I'm not going to get into that...

At least my best friend/love knows how to cheer me up. ❤️🌹

Yessss... Omg thank u gorgeous. 😍❤️🍫 I just wanted chocolate all day and he knew it lol we don't celebrate valentines day

But it looks like there's trouble in paradise...

Jenelle until you can say positive things then just give up. You will always have a chance to remain a friend but it's up to you.

On to cuter couples...

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marrouquin: This pic is from last year when they spent Vday together at Javi's Air Force graduation (aka the weekend baby Linc was conceived).

Javi's romatic instagram post to his wifey...

Happy valentines day to my beautiful wife @kaillowrythank you for bringing these 2 beautiful boys into my life. You have the biggest heart in the world. even when we have our differences, we find a way to fix it. I love you.

This is what we do on Valentine's day 😊@sickinkstudios @mikemaratattoo Kail's tat is so sick. Def gonna get that same one eventually.

And Kail's

I love you!

If you don't treat your significant other with love & respect all year then I don't want read your Valentine's Day bullshit.

I have to agree. #antivday.

Leah and Jeremy Calvert: Couldn't find anything on them... maybe they're having a private intimate vday...

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney:

From Maci's twitter:

happy valentines day yall 💘💐🍫💝💏

my boyfriend got me tickets for valentines day. YES 🙌


Mackenzie and Josh McKee: celebrated with their new baby Jaxie...

Out little valentine

*Sources: twitter.com and instagram.com

How was your vday? Who's your favorite couple?


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 3 "Keep Your Head Up"

"Waahh, don't leave me for another guy, mom!!"

Jenelle Evans: Barbara is watching Jace (again), while Jenelle hangs out with Nathan at the beach. They are getting serious now (after what, two weeks??). She updates him on her growing rap sheet and Nathan says the only judgment he will have of her is if she relapses again. (Boy, you're in for quite a ride, buddy!)

Jenelle meets up with her lawyer to discuss the upcoming court date. They are going to try and make a plea deal with one of the smaller charges, so she only gets probation. If this is unsuccessful, she's facing a significant amount of prison time. She only has one prior conviction on her record and adding a felony would be like a scarlett letter, according to her lawyer. She knows what this is like, due to being with Keiffer and Courtland and that her opportunities would shrink for the rest of her life.

Jenelle plays with Jace for a few moments, then Nathan comes over to meet him and Barbara. Babs seems to like him, but Jace is tired of meeting new men and decides it's time to act out. (If this kid is showing so much aggression now, who knows what he'll be like in high school!) Jenelle and Nathan leave and Jace begs her not to go, yet again. 

She and Nathan go back to the beach and she tells him about her plans to move out of her mom's place. He not-so-subtly hints at her crashing with him about two weeks into their relationship, as you do. 

"Jo, why are you so crazy??"

Kailyn Lowry: Kail brings Issac to her sonogram and Isaac gets a first look at his new sibling. He is so excited that he wants the doctor to take the baby out now. Isaac says some other cute things and the scene is totally adorable. Afterwards, Kail calls Javi to tell him about the appointment. Though he is happy that the baby is healthy, he's having a hard time waiting to find out the sex. They are also excited to plan their wedding, which is a couple months away.

Just as Kail wakes Isaac up and gets him ready to go to Jo's, she gets a text from him, saying he won't be home. She calls Javi to tell him and he advises Kail to keep him so he can have one of his parents around. Kail is frustrated by Jo's nonsense and decides to text him about the plan. 

Kail gets tired of waiting for Jo, so she takes Isaac with her and her friends to eat. While there, Kail vents to her friends about the situation and how Jo's case is just getting weaker with each of these stunts. They also tell her that Jo may be blocking the move because of jealousy (something that's been  in my head since the beginning of the season). Then, all of a sudden, Jo starts sending her nasty texts saying he's now home and Kail's all of a sudden cutting into his time. (You were the one that was late, need I remind you!!)

When she brings Isaac to his house, once-romantic couple get into a heated argument over which one of them was actually late (umm??). Kail walks away and Jo responds with the sweet, heartfelt saying "hope your f*cking water breaks tonight". Aww, how cute, wishing premature death on Isaac's sibling!!

"Why did I have a kid with this deadbeat??"

Chelsea Houska: It's time for Aubree to start preschool and Chelsea heads to the parents' meeting. She drops Aubree off with her mom asks her if she looks fat (?? she's gorgeous!!) She invites Adam to the meeting and when he arrives late and in a sleeveless shirt, Chelsea is annoyed. Adam responds with the amusing "I don't give a sh*t what I wear", (such a charmer, that Adam) as they head into the preschool.

At the preschool meeting, the teacher talks about the field trips they do (lucky), and that they need parent volunteers. (can you imagine Adam going on one of those?? shutters...) Afterwords, she and Adam flirt a little and they shake hands. Chelsea responds with the flirtatious "your hand is disgusting". Oh, and Adam forgets Aubree's birthday (dad of the year award).

Chelsea then goes home and talks to her friend about Adam and the meeting. It went well, but that it  was weird seeing Adam again. She doesn't know much about Adam's new baby and wants to keep it that way.
"Why does this have to happen to my child :( "

Leah Calvert: Ali has another doctor's appointment coming up, so Leah and Jeremy drop off Addalyn and Aleah with family. Aleah is upset when they leave and the attachment is kind of cute. When they get in the car, Leah talks about how she didn't expect this kind of life for herself when she was having sex in high school. When she got pregnant, she thought she would have healthy children and go to school, not be a stay-at-home mom with a disabled child. 

They arrive the doctor's appointment, where Ali claims she saw Repunzul (too cute!!). The foreign doctor who you can't understand tells them that her diagnosis has been confirmed and they want to do more research to find out what caused it. He also said that she will need to use a wheelchair when she goes to school.

After the appointment the gang go out to eat to discuss the results and they weren't expecting the wheelchair part. Corey is in denial and Leah is devastated. 

In the car ride homes, Leah gets more upset and is sobbing uncontrollably. Jeremy tries to comfort her, but doesn't know what to say and neither does her mom. Sad face :( 

*images from okmagazine.com

Next Week: Jenelle tries to convince her mom to let her watch Jace at Nathan's place, Kailyn and Javi look at a house in Delaware, Chelsea puts Aubree in preschool, and Leah considers moving into a wheelchair accessible home.


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 2 "Love Will Never Do Without You"

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle is still recovering from her abortion and is having on and off bleeding. Her lawyer calls about the possible amount of jail time Jenelle could face for her heroin charges. She could either face probation again or extended time in prison. Jenelle doesn't seem worried and says she will stay on the straight and narrow now, since Courtland is in jail. (uh huh, sure) Meanwhile, Jace is using his new language skills to create new compound words. He comes up with the charming phrase 'f*ckball' and Babs threatens to put a cucumber in his mouth, like so!

Jenelle talks to her mom about the charges and how a felony could ruin her life. She wants to move on with her life, so Babs suggests that Jenelle look for a job so she can meet people. (Um who's going to hire someone with her rap sheet???) Jenelle tells Babs that she is meeting people: an underwear model named Nathan. She lists Nathan's good qualities and Babs responds with "He wants to meet you???" Classic Babs!!!!

"If I take it off my mom will take it and start dancing like J-Lo in her sweatsuit."
"Yeah, mom he wants to meet me!!!"

"He we go again..."

Jenelle meets up with her trashpit friend Tori about why she has a revolving door of men all the time. She says it's because she never had a male figure growing up and was always fighting with Babs. I have to admit this scene is actually kind of sad, but probably awkward for the lady doing the pedicure to listen to!!!

"I just keep adding more and more flavas!"

Jenelle meets 'dating app guy' Nathan and they go mini golfing for their first date. They talk about the craziest things they've ever done and Jenelle has to think about that. (Let's see...she married someone about two months of dating, got arrested with him and just removed his spawn from her lady parts. Oh, and there's Keiffer. Nathan says the craziest thing he's ever done is join the marines. (she has a type!!)

Ready for a roller coaster ride buddy??

Kailyn Lowry: Kail's court case is coming up and she is stressing about what will happen if the judge doesn't allow her to move with Javi. Javi doesn't see that happening and wants Kail to keep as calm as possible. Neither of them understand why Jo is fighting the relocation since they're moving the same distance from him in a different direction, (Honestly, neither do I) especially since Jo already moved out of state without permission. They think Jo's  only argument is Kail's temper, (um, did he not forget that HE has a temper too??) and hope for good news.

The court date is finally here and Kail and her lawyer discuss custody deals to offer Jo. However, because of a court mix up, the court date gets extended to another county. Kail is frustrated because she's already had to live apart from Javi her entire pregnancy and just wants to settle somewhere before their new baby arrives.

"Jo, why do you always have to be such a pain??"

After the hearing, Jo meets up with his lawyer about this excitement over the court date extension. They talk about how Kail makes 'bad choices' by marrying a military man. (rude much??) Jo's lawyer thinks it's best that Kail 'stays in the general area' (um, Jo already illegally moved out of the general area buddy...) and doesn't want the petition to be granted.

Kail calls Javi to tell him that the court date has been extended and Javi is annoyed, as expected. Kail is saddened by the fact that they have to spend more time apart because of Jo's ridiculousness, and Javi does his best to cheer her up. (Best. husband. ever!!)

Aww :(

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea starts her first day at the "skin and stuff" school soon and meets with her friend Landon to talk about how this program will succeed. (Let's hope so. You're almost 22 and still haven't received a degree!!) While they are talking, Aubree decides to start adolescence early and test Chelsea's boundries. Meanwhile, Adam talks to his new baby mama Taylor about how being a few years older and having 3 DUI's suddenly makes one more mature to parent than a teenager (I got a good laugh out of that one too) and how things are going to work out this time because Taylor is "less crazy" than Chelsea.

"I wonder when they're finally going to erect that statue of me in the center of town? "
"Don't worry babe, I'll actually stick around for this spawn!"

It's now Chelsea's first day of school, but they are already running late because Aubrey is acting like a 13-year old and doesn't want to get up. (Seriously, when does Chelsea put this kid to bed?? She never has any energy. Looks like Chelsea is taking tips from Jo's book of permissive parenting!!) She doesn't cooperate while Chelea and Megan get ready either and Chelsea doesn't know what to do.

Chelsea is finally able to calm Aubree down and drag her butt to school, where they find out they will be practicing skincare on patients in just three weeks. They have everyone introduce themselves and state their favorite dessert. (random??) After class, Chelsea and Megan get in the car to talk about vagina facials and I just threw up in my mouth a little...

"What? We don't get to do vagina facials??"

Chelsea talks to her dad about school and how Adam is taking her to court. She complains about having to be mature, as per usual...

Leah Calvert: Leah and Jeremy are taking their little brats on vacation before Jeremy heads back to work. Leah is exited, but not happy that Jeremy will be leaving for work after they return. They talk about how Leah doesn't feel that Jeremy expresses his emotions enough and that he couldn't care less.

"Why do I have to do all the work??"

Leah and Jeremy head to the pool with their plethera of kids, and Aleah stuffs her bikini top. (lol) While at the pool, Leah and Jeremy discuss how Ali and Aleah are physically capable of doing different things now. (Why are they discussing this in front of the girls??)

The gang heads up to the fair and the festivities are ruined when Leah brings up Jeremy's work again. The family discusses the fun topic and Leah complains of being bored all the time. (um, you have 3 kids, girl. How is life ever boring???)

"You can come when you're old enough to stuff tissues in your bikini!"
"Ready to see your parents get divorced too?"

Leah and Jeremy leave the girls with her parents so they can discuss him going back to work and Leah complaining about having to be mommy and daddy. Jeremy gets pissed and you can cut the tension with a knife. Leah comes across as ungrateful and I'm worried about what this could cause...

*Images from google.com and theashleysrealityroundup.com.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-2-love-will-never-do-without-you/1721409/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=34714&channelId=1

Next week: Jenelle introdes her new 'flava of the week' to Jace and Babs, Jo tells Kail he hopes her f*cking water breaks early (charming...), Chelsea flirts with her sperm- donating baby daddy, and Leah and Jeremy see Ali's doctor to find out more about her condition.