Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 Under the Gun

Spencer and Toby. Source: abcfamily.com

Fresh from her arrest for possessing a gun without a license and trying to hide evidence, Hannah is sent back home. She is grounded from her computer and cell phone, but still finds ways to communicate with the other liars. The police take the gun away and investigate it to find out if it was the gun that ultimately killed the cop who has been murdered. Hannah's dad found out that the gun was stolen by Hannah's mother and that Hannah had been attempting to hide the evidence for her mother's protection. However, after talking to Emily, she realized the only way to protect herself is to tell the cops truth. They give the cops the tape they have of the murder and Hannah's mom is arrested.

Meanwhile Ezra is expressing interest in Aria again and Spencer and Toby are follow clues given by A to another town.

To watch the episode, go to: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_wjf7aq9j/under-the-gun

Next Week: things get more intense for the Liars as a new murder suspect is revealed.

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