The Downside to Defining Your Life Too Early

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Once people graduate high school, what is the number one question people always ask them? What do you want to study? What do you want to major in? What do you want to do with your life? All these annoying questions that an eighteen wants to snap back with, I don't know! Why do I need to define my life's direction in the next fifteen minutes??

Though 50-60 years ago people were expected to have their complete identity achieved by the age of eighteen (this include things like ethnic identity, gender identity, sexual identity, and vocational identity) as well as knowing if one wanted to settle down, get married, and start a family by the age of eighteen, that's not so much the case anymore.

Previous psychologists once believed that adolescents go through something called Identity vs. Role Confusion and if they didn't seal an identity by the time they were eighteen, they experienced role confusion. However, recently, their have been many critics of this theory. One, saying that most people do not have a clear identity set at the age of eighteen and are still going through moratorium (the process of identity exploration) for many of these identities. Another, saying that emerging adulthood (ages 18-25) is some of the best time to explore these identities. Though we don't know if these differences are due to a change in culture or something else, but they're holding true for many people today.

So is it bad not to know what career path you want to take your freshman year of college. Secretly be annoyed when schools and other people are pressuring you choose a definite major right away? Be frustrated when people want to know your complete life plan is and whether you want to get married and/or have a family right when starting adulthood? Not necessarily. In fact, taking time explore different options can make a person more successful in the career world and more satisfied in their life choices. Because of exploration, they are more certain of themselves and their identities.


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 10 "We Belong Together"

Jenelle Evans: It's Jenelle's big day in court, so Mike is watching Jace. Apparently, Jace was being a bad boy at school because he didn't get any stickers, you know, with throwing around f-bombs and pinching his classmates and all. Meanwhile, Jenelle is headed to court to find out if she gets supervised or unsupervised probation. However, Nathan is worried out what he will do if Jenelle gets thrown in the slammer.

As Jenelle and Nathan head into court, they see Courtland randomly standing in the parking lot (yeah, that's not creepy at all!!). Then, court breaks for a short recess. Jenelle gets unsupervised probation, but because she failed a drug test, she has to spend 2 days in jail first. They go back into court to see if she goes to jail right now or in a few days.

Mike is playing football with Jace in the backyard when Nathan comes over to Casa de Babs to tell her that Jenelle's in jail. Babs calls Jenelle a bitch (nice words to describe your daughter, Babs) and is glad she went to jail to teach her a lesson.

Jenelle gets released from jail and Nathan arrives to pick her up, flowers in hand. She describes the horrors of jail to Nathan and how she is now on unsupervised probation.

"We can't even last 48 hours away from each other!"

When they get home, Jenelle discovers that Nathan starting talking to another girl online while she was in the slammer. They get into a screaming match over it and Nathan says he won't talk to the other girl anymore.

Kailyn Lowry: The big day is finally here and Javi is pumped to get going, playing ninjas in the hotel room with the groomsmen and all. Meanwhile Kail is getting her hair done with her friend and talking about how Javi wouldn't let her see Isaac until the wedding. She's not nervous for anything except the kiss (lol), and said she'll probably cry halfway through her vows.

The wedding is only a few hours away and Javi is having a difficult time dressing Isaac. Isaac is being very whiny because he doesn't want to wear a pull-up or dress up in a suit. Meanwhile, Kail puts on her wedding dress and is worried about how her pictures will look if there's food in her braces. She then shows Peach and Gigi the new wedding shoes she bought and discovers that one of them has writing on the bottom. She reads it and starts to cry while her friends fan her to keep her makeup from getting ruined. On the shoe is a super-sweet message from Javi about their big day that would make just about any girl melt into a gigantic puddle! This calms Kail down and she decides not to worry about anything else for the rest of the night.

The entire wedding crew has arrived at the venue and Kail and Javi are both balls of nerves. On the way into the venue, Kail has a massive wedgie that she needs her bridesmaids to pick (LOL). They then go to check out the sharks and talk about past weddings they have been in while they wait for the ceremony to start.

It's finally time for the ceremony and Kail about loses it when she sees Isaac in his little tux. He sweetly asks her, "What happened to your eyes?" (aww isn't he the cutest??!!) Kail and Isaac then walk down the isle together and Isaac gives his mama away to his step-dad  holding both of their hands during the entire ceremony. Javi and Kail cry through their emotional/adorable vows, all while Isaac is whispering sweet nothing to his mama. They then exchange rings once again and have the perfect 'first kiss' that Kail was so afraid about.

Not bad for a 'first kiss' lolol.

These two couldn't be any cuter!!! (Watch out, Catelynn and Tyler)

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea is almost done with school and is graduate in a couple days. She heads over to talk about the scariness of getting a real job and how her favorite thing to do is waxing (ouch). She tells him that after completing her final hour, she will go downstairs and the school will announce her graduation.

Chelsea completes her 600th hour at skin school and clocks out for the final time. Chelsea gets emotional as her instructor announces her graduation with Aubree accompanying her. Chelsea hugs a bunch of people and her dad surprises her with an awesome cake.


While Chelsea is waiting to get licensed, she goes on a job interview at a high-end spa. She basically gets hired on the spot and is ready to start training. Chelsea is proud of herself for being able to accomplish her dreams while being a single mom.

"I'm ready to start waxing people!!!"

While waiting to start her job, Chelsea meets up with her friend Landon to tell him about it and the issues with Adam. He is proud of Chelsea for accomplishing her goals, even if it took her a little longer than people without children.

Leah Calvert: Leah and Jeremy get in a huge fight yet again when Leah discovers that Jeremy turned down a local job opportunity for the job in New Mexico. She vents to her mom about the fact that Jeremy is distant with her whenever he leaves and how she doesn't feel like she's in a marriage because she's doing everything on her own. Meanwhile, Addalynn is screaming and Ali and Aleah are fighting over lunchables...as you do.

"Being a single mom really sucks, and stuff..."

When Jeremy finally comes back, Leah attempts to make up with him, but it just turns into another fight. Leah is upset because he didn't communicate with him about the job closer to home and Jeremy is upset because he wants to make a decent living to provide for his family. Leah is tired of doing things on her own and storms off, crying.

The girls are still fighting over lunchables when Leah and Jeremy sit down to talk about their fight. They make up before he leaves, but she's still disappointed about his lack of communication.

Leah drops the girls off with Corey and Talks to him about Ali's upcoming doctor's appointment. She also awkwardly talks about her marriage problems with and Corey looks uncomfortable. He takes off with the girls and Leah leaves alone.

*Photos from okmagazine.com

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/shows/teen_mom_2/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-10-we-belong-together/1724779/playlist/

Next Week: Jenelle tells Jace about his new sibling, Kailyn's mom tries to contact her, Chelsea receives a court date for the custody situation, and Leah finds out Jeremy wants a divorce.


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 9 "Miss You Much"

Jenelle Evans: It's Jace's fourth birthday and he stays over at Jenelle and Nathan's pad that morning while Babs gets ready for the party. Later, Jenelle drives him to the party, along with a ginormous Spiderman cake. Babs calls the frosting 'fundue' and tells the kids they can't eat it (um!), and Jenelle flips her lid over this. Babs is then upset when she finds out that Ken Doll (um, I mean Nathan) is coming to the party as well. At the festivities Nathan and Babs make up while Jace is randomly hitting all of his friends...as you do. Jenelle and Babs see this as a problem and they talk about it about the party why Jace is so aggressive.

Kailyn Lowry: Their gorgeous wedding is only a week away, and Kail and Javi discuss who's not invited... Jo. Apparently, he actually wanted to come, (you know, cause having your ex there wouldn't be weird at all...). Kail's mom is also not invited because she doesn't want pain on her wedding day. Kail breaks down in tears over the situation and cute little Isaac tries to comfort his mama.

Teen Mom 2
"Why did you have to hurt me so deeply, mom?"

Kail then packs her things for the wedding and Isaac melt everyone's little hearts by getting excited over Kail's dress. Cutest. Kid. Ever. Later, at a hotel, Javi talks to his groomsmen about his relationship with Kail and it's nice to see how maturely he talks, even with his friends. Meanwhile also talks about their relationship with her bridesmaids and makes up with Javi's family.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea meets up with her friend at a local coffee shop to discuss her objection to Adam's visitation request. Meanwhile, Adam's friend comes over to his dump to talk about the upcoming court cases and how he think he can win because he only 'a couple DUI's' (try 3 and 3 dozen other charges). Chelsea also enrolls Aubree into dance classes and she looks so adorable in a tutu.

"I can't wait until my Daddy shows up half-drunk to my recital!"
"Ready to shake your booty, girl?"

Leah Messer: It's time for Jeremy to go back to work again and Leah is upset, as per usual.

"At least this house has running water..."
"I can't even have help bathing my kids?"

Leah suggests that they try counseling, or nags him with it. Jeremy gets fed up with it, and slaps a piece of bacon in her face. Yes, Leah was being annoying here, but slapping her with the bacon was pretty rude.

"You're fixin' for a pork facial, lil lady!"
"Here's what you get for all your gripin'."

"You just went too far, buddy!!"


Later, Leah's sister comes over to talk how perfect Leah's life is and Leah sets her straight...that having three kids at age 21 with a hubby gone all the time is far from perfect. Jeremy then comes home and tells her that he quit his job... for a new offer in New Mexico.

*Photos from google.com and theashleysrealityroundup.com.

Next Week: Jenelle goes back to jail, Kail and Javi have a gorgeous and tear-jerking wedding, Chelsea graduates from skin school, and Leah continues to fight with Jeremy over his Job.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 8 "Breakdown"

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle heads back over to Casa de Babs to visit Jace. Babs wants Jenelle to come over more often, but Jenelle complains because it's such a far ride. Later, Jenelle has to have an emergency appendectomy because her appendix nearly explodes. Trashpit Tori comes over and Jenelle explains her surgery and the fight that went down between Babs and Nathan at the hospital. They then listen to a nasty voicemail from Babs and the two attempt to make amends on the phone.

"You guys are seriously fighting when I just had surgery??"

Nathan then comes home and the two explain the situation to him. Nathan is pissed that Babs thinks he's lazy and that pretty much sums up the scene.

"I'm here, even if your mom isn't."

Babs later comes over with Jace to make amends, but instead, she and Nathan get in a huge fight over Babs's accusations. It gets pretty ugly and Babs storms off with Jace.

Kailyn Lowry: Kail is starting to feel bad about dragging Javi into the bridesmaid drama and tells him that she will work it out so they can have a peaceful wedding. Kail then heads over to the baby doctor for another ultrasound, with Isaac saying more cute musings while she awkwardly asks her doctor about encapsulating her placenta... yummy.

"What?? Placentas sound very tasty!!!"

Kailyn then heads over to the bridal store to try on her wedding dress. It's a little on the big side, but doesn't know how much to alter, because the wedding is still three weeks away.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea goes out to fetch her mail one morning and finds a pleasant surprise inside... visitation court papers from Adam. Chelsea is confused as to what they mean, so she calls her dad.

"Wtf Adam???!!"

Chelsea then complains to her friend about Adam and Aubree listens in and comments "Like my dad". Uh-oh, you better watch it, Chelsea. Meanwhile, Adam is meeting up with one of his trashpit friends at the local bar to discuss why he filed visitation and his theory of Chelsea being heartbroken over him. Chelsea then goes over to her dad's house to vent about the court case and her regrets in giving Aubree such a crappy dad.

Leah Calvert: It's Ali's first day of school and everyone is raving about it while Aleah and Addalynn are left behind.

"I love how everyone's paying attention to ME!!"

Corey then talks to his dad about the struggles of dividing attention between the two kids and his dad asks him if he's ready for any more. Corey says he wants to wait a while and take things slow for once. Meanwhile, Leah is skyping her friend Kayla about Ali's first day of school.

*Photos from okmagazine.com.

Next Week: Jenelle celebrates Jace's 4th birthday, Kailyn works on last-minute wedding details, Chelsea enrolls Aubree in dance classes, and Leah asks Jeremy to go marriage counseling.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 "These are the Days"

Jenelle Evans: It's almost Jenelle's day in court, so her trashpit friend, Tori, comes over sporting a brand-new hairdo to talk about what might happen. She said that they are going to try and drop the felony charge and plead guilty to a lesser charge. When the day in court comes, Jenelle gets all dressed up and wears heals because it makes her feel "more classier" (her words, not mine...). She meets with her lawyer to discuss the case and how she is more worried about seeing Courtland and getting kidnapped than the charges.

"Who doesn't get kidnapped by their ex-husband??"

Jenelle goes to court and finds the case to be continued. Jenelle is happy, though since she didn't see Courtland.

"My wishes have come true already!"

Jenelle then heads over to casa de Babs to talk about the court case and that Courtland may be released from jail soon. Babs is also worried about this and that Courtland may get her daughter in more trouble...as you do.

"Ya betta not come neah my dawta Coutland!"

Kailyn Lowry: Kail is back to brown hair in the first scene as she meets up with her bridesmaids to start planning her wedding. Though Kail's friends have been great, Javi's sister and cousin are being major pains. They start critiquing everything the bride is choosing, even wanting to change their dresses!

"I don't wanna wear purple people!!!"

Javi's family then doesn't want to show up to try on hairstyles, which is frustrating Kail even more. Later, when she talks to Peach about it, she says she doesn't feel connected to this baby because of all the stress she's under.

"These girls are taking all the fun out of my pregnancy!"

Later that day, Javi comes over to access all the drama between Kail and the bridesmaids. He got nasty text from his family, bashing Peach and the earrings Kail picked out and poor Kail just can't take anymore of this while pregnant.

"I can't take anymore of this bridesmaid drama!!!"

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea is focused on skin school and this week's lesson is how to look like a vampire. Chelsea tries this on her trusty friend, Megan below.

"Do I look fabulous or what??"

Over at Adam's dump, Aubree is meeting Adam's new spawn for the first time. Aubree doesn't know what to think or how to process Adams newest creation.

"Where did that new baby come from, daddy?"

Later, Chelsea goes over to her dad's house to give him an update. She is upset because she found pictures of Aubree and Paislee at Adam's pad at midnight and is irritated and Adam and his family didn't tell her where Aubree was staying.

"Not telling me where my daughter is Adam?? That's low!!!"

Leah Messer: Leah and Jeremy head over to Corey and Miranda's log cabin to discuss Ali starting school. Though Corey still doesn't want to accept that she has a disability, they decide to go ahead with the schooling.

"I guess Ali needs school...and stuff."

Leah gets new hair (again) and Jeremy loves it. "It's better than that purple crap!" (way to stay positive, buddy) Corey and Miranda bring over new clothes for Ali and Aleah goes into a fit of jealousy. She's starts spraying around Aerosol and trying to light the place on fire, as you do.

"Can someone give me some attention for once??"

*Photos from okmagazine.com and theashleysrealityroundup.com.

Next Week: Jenelle gets her appendix removed, Kail tries on her wedding dress, Chelsea gets court papers from Adam, and Leah enrolls Ali in school.


Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 "False Positives"

Welcome back to Teen Mom 2 recaps! (Yes, I know this is a month late, but I've had a lot going on!)

Jenelle Evans: In the first scene of this episode, Jenelle takes a pregnancy test with her friend Tori. She is excited when 2 bars show up on the stick, but since one of the bars is blurry, she's not sure if it's a positive or negative result.

Spawn or no spawn? hmm...

Jenelle heads to the doctor to see if she has a dead fetus inside of her or if she really is preggo with Nathan's spawn. The doctor confirms that there is nothing in her uterus and the hormones from her abortion made the test positive. Jenelle and Nathan are disappointed, but say they just have to start practicing multiple times a day...and there goes lunch.

"Guess we haven't been practicing enough..."

Kailyn Lowry: It's finally their day in court and Javi drives a very pregnant Kail back to Pennsylvania to prepare. (In a Carrie Underwood shirt, as you do) Kail heads over to Jo's parents' mansion to attempt to come to a mediation agreement so they don't have to go before a judge. However, Jo is not willing to budge and Kail leaves the house, frustrated and in tears.

"Are you trying to make me pop Jo??"

The next day, Kail meets with her lawyer and goes to court. In the courtroom, the judge basically signs off on the same agreement that Kail had offered the night before and also discusses who will drive where. Kail expresses her frustration to Javi, but is happy that she gets to stay in Delaware.

Chelsea Houska: It's that time of year again... yes Aubree's birthday! This little princess turned 4 in this episode, decked with a party full of decorations and a bouncy house! Aubree is loving the party, until Adam tries to lure Aubree away with a toy of his own.

"I can't believe my princess is four!!"

Leah Calvert: Things with Leah are going great...until Jeremy passes out at work and has to come home on medical layoff. Leah is concerned, so she makes him a doctor's appointment to find out what's going on. On the way there the next morning, however, tensions arise when they are late to the appointment and fight over Jeremy's condition. At the doctor's, they find out nothing's wrong and the passing out was probably caused by stress.

"You're putting too much stress on me, Jeremy!"

Next week: Jenelle goes back to court, Kail fights with her in-laws about wedding planning, Aubree meets her new half-sister, and Leah talks to Corey about Ali starting school.

Being Amber Recap

"I'm really happy to see you again!"

Now it's time for the Being Amber special. (sorry this is so late, I've been really busy with the college life!!)

Anyway, the episode starts out with Amber getting released from prison and the paparazzi there to greet her, which she's less than thrilled about. Amber and her family stop at a local gas station to change clothes and grab some non-prison food. At the station, Amber gets a huge surprise... her dad there waiting for her. Amber gets emotional seeing him and they have a touching family moment. Then, Amber gets herself together and orders her food. Later, they head to her grandparents' house, where she is staying, to get settled in. Amber's grandma smells her hair and Amber explains to her that "prison hairspray is diluted so you pour half of it out and throw in Jolly Ranchers." (remind me to NEVER go to prison!!) Amber's grandma tells her not to worry, that they have actual shampoo and conditioner at their house. Then, Gary brings over Leah and the two have a cute moment.

However, before Gary leaves, Leah lets it slip that he has a new girlfriend. Although Amber already knows this, she's upset that the new girlfriend is around Leah so much, but for now, she's just focusing on her time with Leah. When Amber is getting Leah ready for bed, Leah asks her a heartbreaking question: if Amber will be there when she wakes up. Amber is upset by this and the stress of filming so they cut to a commercial break.

A Teen Mom producer goes in to check on a sobbing Amber, confessing her biggest regrets in regards to doing drugs and being away from Leah for so long. Then, Leah comes in to comfort her with a stuffed animal (aww!!) When Gary comes to pick Leah up, they discuss her birthday party and Amber is comfortable with doing it together...until he asks if his girlfriend can come. Amber explains that she is not jealous, but angry at the way Gary went about the whole situation.

Amber later talks to her grandparents about the stress of Gary's new girlfriend and Leah's birthday party. When Amber sees the family dog scratching on the door outside, Amber sympathizes, "Poor puppy, I know what it's like to be locked up somewhere...sucks." When her cousin Krystal picks her up to shop for Leah's birthday party, Amber reflects on how her relationship with Gary has changed since getting pregnant and what she wants her story to represent in the future.

Since the tension between her and Gary is stressing Amber out, she decides to have separate birthday parties for Leah. Amber's mom tells Gary the plan and they pick up Leah for her first party. The party is held at Amber's grandparents' house with Party City balloons (my favorite, of course!!). Leah gets some cute presents, and Amber can't believe she is five.

Leah then goes to celebrate her birthday with Gary and his family at a funhouse. It looks like a great party until things turn awkward when Leah wants to call Gary's new girlfriend 'mommy'. Gary and Kristina discuss this and decide that, unless she really insists on calling Kristina 'mom', they will continue having Leah call her Kristina. Back at Amber's she talks to her mom about her relationship with Gary and how it's been destroyed since she got pregnant. She decides to talk to Gary about their co-parenting problems and the issue of his new girlfriend being around. When Gary tells Kristina about the plan, she gets emotional because she is afraid that he will go back to Amber.

Later, the production crew gives a frustrated Amber a ride to Gary's house. Amber confronts Gary about having a new girlfriend while leading her on, tells him she hopes it lasts and to leave her alone so she can move on. He lets Amber see Leah before driving her back home.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-being-amber-special/1722811/playlist.jhtml

Do you think Amber has changed post-prison? Guess we'll find out in the future!


Being Catelynn Recap

Welcome to the first recap of the Teen Mom specials! (No I am not recapping "Being Farrah, due to losing too many brain cells just watching it ONCE! haha)

Anyway, the episode starts off with Cate and Ty picking up her sister Sarah from school and the conversation turns awkward when Sarah mentions their cancelled wedding. Tyler storms into the house, irritated by the conversation and the producers try to force Cate to talk about the wedding some more. Later that night, Cate and Ty sit down to talk about it and their pre-wedding goals. Catelynn is frustrated because she's doing all the counseling and he's not. Tyler gets angry by this and kind of talks to her in a jerk-ish way while Cate sobs into some exotic scarf.

"I hope I get to wear this sometime soon!" (This face is priceless)

The next day, Cate picks up her mom, April to go deal with her wedding dress. On the way there, April lights up a cigarette and Cate eats some strange food...as you do. When they get there, Cate wants to try on the wedding gown one more time, even though they haven't set a date. She pays off the dress on a card that she and Ty share, but doesn't care since he's the one who called off the wedding. (If my fiance charged that much on my card, he'd be toast!) Later that night, Cate starts feeling sick and goes to the bathroom to throw up.

"Someday I'll get this crazy man to marry me."

It's time for a speaking engagment, which is what Cate and Ty have been doing for a living. On the way there a producer asks them to turn a light on in their car. They do and make hilarious faces at the camera. At the engagement  Cate and Tyler's families are present and all get emotional watching the prevideo, especially Cate's mom (who, by the way, looks a lot healthier in this special). As they are talking about the adoption decision, Cate mentions that she's trying to get Tyler to marry her when someone asks what the future holds for the couple. (um, awkward) Afterwards, the couple goes to a local bar with friends to take some shots. After a while, Cate and her friend take a smoke break to discuss what she'll do with her wedding dress and how she's been sick the past few days and may be pregnant. (um, if there's a possibility you may be preggers, why are you drinking and smoking??)

The next day, Ty sits Cate down to ask her what's going on. She tells him she hasn't been feeling well and he worries that she may be pregnant. In the meantime, Cate and Ty visit a specialty looking store to shop for Carly's Christmas presents. After goofing around for a while, they find what they want and check out. On the way home, they vent their frustrations about not being able to post pics of Carly on social media, so the next day, they talk with their adoption counselor about it. She thinks that the issue goes deeper than what Cate and Ty think and they should really think about the issue more before talking to Brandon and Teresa.

Later, Ty goes to his mom's house to talk about the Brandon and Teresa situation. His mom and stepdad understand his frustration, but advise him to back off a little. Meanwhile Cate sits Sarah down to have a birds and bees talk. Sarah says she doesn't want to go on the Pill because it messes with her stomach and anything else would make her fat, (um, getting pregnant would make you gain a LOT more weight, just saying) so she's relying on condoms... for now. When Ty gets home, he and Cate head over to her mom's new antique shop called It's All Good (interesting) to talk about her pending divorce from Ty's dad. Ty is in complete support because he knows his dad is an addict and a liar. April is ready to get divorced, but wonders if Ty and Cate will ever get married.

The next day, Cate and Ty receive a letter in the mail from Brandon and Teresa, talking about how grateful they are to have Carly and so on. Then they call and wish them a Merry Christmas and Carly chimes in a few cute words as well. This makes them realize that they are making too big of a deal out of the whole social media pics thing. Later, Cate and her mom go to the pharmacy to purchase a pregnancy test. Cate tells the cashier lady that the test is for her mom (lol). The two head home and Cate takes the test...filming while peeing on the stick. (really MTV, did we need to see that??)

Anyway, we find out that is Cate is not pregnant (think god, but she really needs to get back on birth control) and that she's not going to tell Ty about the scare. Meanwhile, Ty goes over to his mom's house again to talk about his marriage fears. Even though his grandparents got married at 18 and are still together, he worries that their marriage won't last because so many young marriages fall apart. However, the next day, Ty takes Cate on a romantic stroll in the chilly Michigan weather and the cutest scene of all happens. Ty asks for the ring back, then re-proposes,  promising to go to counseling and do the necessary steps it takes to eventually be ready for marriage. The scene ends with them strolling, arm in arm.

You can watch the episode here: ttp://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-being-catelynn-special/1722871/playlist.jhtml

Do you think Catelynn and Tyler will make it? Guess we'll find out!