Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 "Strike Out Alone"

Briana Dejesus: It's Briana's 18th birthday and she's going to 'da club to celebrate. She tells her mom that they are staying at a hotel and Brittany agrees to keep her secret. Turns out, Briana and her friends don't have fun at the club and Briana eventually confesses to her mom where they went. I know Briana's mom is protective, but SERIOUSLY. Her daughter is 18 now, she should loosen up a little more.

Mackenzie Douthit: Mackenzie hasn't talked to Josh in 6 days, so she decides to go on a camping trip with her friends to get her mind off of him. They have a good time, but fail to stick to their of no boy talk. When Mackenzie returns from her trip, Josh texts her to come get her saddle and stands her up. Josh, GROW UP and QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH HER!!!!

Katie Yeager: After fighting the entire time on Katie's birthday trip, Joey decides to call off their engagement and take a break from their relationship. Katie is upset and Joey leaves to stay with his dad. When Joey shows up late to pick up Molli, all hell breaks loose and Joey starts screaming at Katie about fighting in front of Molli all the time. (Joey, you do realize, you are yelling in front of Molli as you are talking about not yelling in front of her. This fighting isn't going to stop as long as Katie is living in Joey's apartment and being supported by him...

Alex Sekella: Alex is finally starting to enjoy life again after Arabella. She went to her prom and she is starting to date again. She began talking to a guy she went to school with and they go out on a double date with his friend and her sister. Arabella comes too and they seem to get along really well. This guy seems a hell of a lot better than Matt in every way, but we if there's any kind of future for the two of them.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-10-strike-out-alone/1715906/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=41948&channelId=1

Next Week: Briana's mom is overbearing as a guy asks her out, Mackenzie and Josh get back together, Katie finds out Joey has been cheating on her, and Alex has a much-need social outing with friends.


Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 9 "Don't Lie to Me"

Briana Dejesus: Briana and Brittany are contemplating dating again and considering getting on birth control to protect themselves. They are in the grocery store when they decide to buy condoms, only to find out they are stored behind the sales counter and have to awkwardly ask the sales clerk to get some down for them. Brittany has no problem asking for the condoms, but feels uncomfortable going to the doctor for a Mirena IUD because a pap smear is required. Since she had not taken off her clothes for anyone since her abortion, the visit brought back bad memories and she decided to leave. Briana's mom comes along instead. (Really Briana, you have your own kid and your mother is still spoon-feeding YOU.)

Mackenzie Douthit: Mackenzie's relationship with Josh is falling apart, so her mom decides to call Josh's trainer and see if they can come by to watch Josh train. They discover that Josh had been lying to them about training and when they go over to his house to confront him, Josh tells her that he needs space from their relationship. It's ok if Josh has mixed feelings about Mackenzie, but he needs to have more open communication with her.

Katie: It's Katie's birthday and she and Joey go on a trip to Utah to celebrate. As per usual, they're not getting along and fight the whole drive there and back. They have fun trying on wedding dresses and going skydiving, but the fun is ruined when Joey refused to go visit the college she wants to transfer to. It's clear that they don't want the same things for their future and their relationship is falling apart, so they need to end it for the sake of their daughter growing up in a healthier environment.

Alex Sekella: Alex is very busy these days and on edge, due the stress of school, Arabella, and her 3 jobs, mainly preparing for an upcoming dance competition. When she discovers her costumes are missing, she (understandably) freaks out because she in charge of them and doesn't have the money to replace them. Her mother should have offered to replace them if she threw them away, but the problem gets solved and everyone has fun at the competition.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-9-dont-lie-to-me/1715550/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=41948&channelId=1

Next Week: Briana celebrates her 18th birthday, Mackenzie goes on a camping trip to get her mind off of Josh, Katie and Joey take a break from their relationship, and Alex starts dating again.


Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 8 "Some Days Matter More"


Briana Dejesus: It's Briana's first day of college and the whole family is there to celebrate. Literally. Since Briana can't drive (seriously, they don't teach driver's ed in Florida high schools?), Briana's mom has to take her to school and drags Brittany along with her and stay at the school until their class gets out. Brittany grows (rightfully) more and more agitated by Briana getting babied and wants to move out of their house. Briana may still be a teenager, but a mother/college student drives themselves and their kid(s), not grandma driving both of you places.

Mackenzie Douthit: For Father's Day, Mackenzie decides to make something special for Josh: pics in a frame of Gannon holding the words "I Love My Dad". Aww so cute!! However, Josh is not impressed by the gift and doesn't even spend the day with Gannon. Mackenzie later talks to her own dad about her issues with Josh.

Katie Yeager: Things continue to get worse for Katie and Joey when Joey takes Katie's car to do something when he knows Katie needs it to take Molli to her swim lesson. Katie ends up having to walk and misses the lesson due to being late. Then, later, when she suggests that Joey get some rest before his graveyard shift at the mines, he snaps at her because he wants to go fishing. I see things only going farther downhill for this couple...

Alex Sekella: It's time for Alex's senior prom, but Alex doesn't want to go because she doesn't have anyone to go with. Her mom encourages her to go anyway and takes her out dress shopping and decides on a gorgeous red dress (same as my prom dress!). Alex's manager at the dance studio sets her up with a date: someone she used to dance with. Though she and her date were kind of blah together, she had fun dancing with her friends. (Hey, I went to prom with a friend and had a blast). Alex enjoyed being back in the social scene and begins to look forward to dating again in the near future.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-8-some-days-matter-more/1715164/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Brittany gets back in the dating scene, Mackenzie and Josh begin to reevaluate their relationship, Joey's abuse to Katie reaches a breaking point, and Alex freaks out over a financial crises.


Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special and Spin off "Ravenswood" Coming This Month!


I am so excited because the Pretty Little Liars annual Halloween Special is premiering October 22. From the  pictures I have seen, I cannot wait for this special. Look, I even found an epic countdown pic!

Photo: 19 dAys for PLL!! so excited :D
Come on Halloween special get here faster.

Due to lack of Pretty Little Liars (and my broken toe!), I have made due with watch the old episodes on Netflix. Though this accurately describes my withdrawal when the show is on hiatus.

Reem Hisham's photo.

If that wasn't enough, a Pretty Little Liars spin off  Ravenswood is coming on October 22 as well. By the looks of it, it looks intense, like someone is trying to kill Caleb.

You can watch the trailer here:  http://www.wetpaint.com/ravenswood/articles/2013-10-02-muchmusic-promo-kill-caleb-video

Which are you more exited for? Ravenswood or the Halloween special? I'm ready to get scared out of my mind.


Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 7 "Into the Distance"

Briana DeJesus: It's time to go to court over the protection order Briana filed against Devoin. She and her mom are very confident that they can win this case, but the outcome is a lot different. When Briana brings in printouts of what Devoin said on twitter, Devoin lies to the judge and says that they aren't from his account. The judge doesn't know what to believe and the courts don't bother to do investigations and track down who is running the account. Instead, they dismiss the case and Briana and her mother are (understandably) upset. This is disgusting because cyber bullying is just as dangerous as regular bullying and it's something many young people have ended their lives over. Also, perjury is a felony, and instead of dismissing the case, the courts should have done further investigations like they have for other cyber bullies and proved that Devoin is, in fact, guilty.

Mackenzie Douthit: Josh has another rodeo coming up and doesn't really care if Mackenzie comes to watch. She is trying her best to be supportive, so she decides to go. However, she regrets this decision when Josh spends zero time with her. When Josh stops answering her texts or calls, Mackenzie becomes depressed and her mom gives her some good advice for once. If Josh doesn't care about her anymore she needs to decide whether or not she should stay engaged to him.

Katie Yeager: Katie has just finished up her freshman year of community college and is looking toward transferring to a university when she completes her associate's degree. Only problem? There are no university near when she and Joey live and the closest one is all the way in Salt Lake City. However, it is possible for Joey to transfer at work to Utah, but doesn't want to go. I understand that Joey is comfortable where they live now, but Katie getting a stable job with a college degree is what is best for Molli and Joey is going to have to make some sacrifices.

Alex Sekella: Alex is relieved that Matt is out of her mom's house, so she can focus more on school, work, and Arabella. Matt sets up a day with the homeless shelter to move in but when the day comes, he arrives at the meeting five hours late, claiming he was in the hospital (yeah, with no medical forms, no one's going to believe that!!). Not only is he late, he throws a temper tantrum and refuses the help, making it clear that he probably relapsed. Later, when Alex is trying to catch up on schoolwork, she receives a call from Matt's friend informing her that Matt is in the ER from an overdose. I really hope Alex doesn't start to enable Matt again.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-7-into-the-distance/1714788/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Briana's sister wants to move out, Mackenzie gives Josh an ultimatum  things continue to spiral downhill for Katie and Joey, and Alex has a breakdown because Matt has ruined her life.