Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special and Spin off "Ravenswood" Coming This Month!


I am so excited because the Pretty Little Liars annual Halloween Special is premiering October 22. From the  pictures I have seen, I cannot wait for this special. Look, I even found an epic countdown pic!

Photo: 19 dAys for PLL!! so excited :D
Come on Halloween special get here faster.

Due to lack of Pretty Little Liars (and my broken toe!), I have made due with watch the old episodes on Netflix. Though this accurately describes my withdrawal when the show is on hiatus.

Reem Hisham's photo.

If that wasn't enough, a Pretty Little Liars spin off  Ravenswood is coming on October 22 as well. By the looks of it, it looks intense, like someone is trying to kill Caleb.

You can watch the trailer here:  http://www.wetpaint.com/ravenswood/articles/2013-10-02-muchmusic-promo-kill-caleb-video

Which are you more exited for? Ravenswood or the Halloween special? I'm ready to get scared out of my mind.

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