Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 "Strike Out Alone"

Briana Dejesus: It's Briana's 18th birthday and she's going to 'da club to celebrate. She tells her mom that they are staying at a hotel and Brittany agrees to keep her secret. Turns out, Briana and her friends don't have fun at the club and Briana eventually confesses to her mom where they went. I know Briana's mom is protective, but SERIOUSLY. Her daughter is 18 now, she should loosen up a little more.

Mackenzie Douthit: Mackenzie hasn't talked to Josh in 6 days, so she decides to go on a camping trip with her friends to get her mind off of him. They have a good time, but fail to stick to their of no boy talk. When Mackenzie returns from her trip, Josh texts her to come get her saddle and stands her up. Josh, GROW UP and QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH HER!!!!

Katie Yeager: After fighting the entire time on Katie's birthday trip, Joey decides to call off their engagement and take a break from their relationship. Katie is upset and Joey leaves to stay with his dad. When Joey shows up late to pick up Molli, all hell breaks loose and Joey starts screaming at Katie about fighting in front of Molli all the time. (Joey, you do realize, you are yelling in front of Molli as you are talking about not yelling in front of her. This fighting isn't going to stop as long as Katie is living in Joey's apartment and being supported by him...

Alex Sekella: Alex is finally starting to enjoy life again after Arabella. She went to her prom and she is starting to date again. She began talking to a guy she went to school with and they go out on a double date with his friend and her sister. Arabella comes too and they seem to get along really well. This guy seems a hell of a lot better than Matt in every way, but we if there's any kind of future for the two of them.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-10-strike-out-alone/1715906/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=41948&channelId=1

Next Week: Briana's mom is overbearing as a guy asks her out, Mackenzie and Josh get back together, Katie finds out Joey has been cheating on her, and Alex has a much-need social outing with friends.

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