Evil Uno and Randomness

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For the past few days, I've been spending time with my cousins and this is what we've been doing. Helen describes Evil Uno as "Diabolical". Liz describes as "Way better than regular Uno and you will never go back". Janice would describe it as "Awesome".

Other randomness includes sardines "The best game ever",  Horseopoly and interesting music. Sardines are always the best, because people can hide under random places, like under the deck.


Pamela spent two hours selling ice cream at the fair, but didn't eat any. We played Horseopoly while Pamela played with a random foam piece. This happened until we all got tired and we all lost.

We went on a shopping spree which Helen describes as "Very costly." Elizabeth liked spraying with everyone with body mist at Bath & Body Works. Pamela enjoyed nothing except for eating pretzels at the end. The adults just wandered around aimlessly and shopped for Christmas presents in August.

To wrap up our fabulous visit,, we played a hilarious game called the name game, where we put celebrity names on slips of paper and have two minutes to guess who they are. The next round, we play charades with the names and the final round, we have to desribe the names in one word. Of course, mine were the most obnoxious names of the group!
So that was our visit and all the randomness in it.

See ya later!


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