Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 3 "Keep Your Head Up"

"Waahh, don't leave me for another guy, mom!!"

Jenelle Evans: Barbara is watching Jace (again), while Jenelle hangs out with Nathan at the beach. They are getting serious now (after what, two weeks??). She updates him on her growing rap sheet and Nathan says the only judgment he will have of her is if she relapses again. (Boy, you're in for quite a ride, buddy!)

Jenelle meets up with her lawyer to discuss the upcoming court date. They are going to try and make a plea deal with one of the smaller charges, so she only gets probation. If this is unsuccessful, she's facing a significant amount of prison time. She only has one prior conviction on her record and adding a felony would be like a scarlett letter, according to her lawyer. She knows what this is like, due to being with Keiffer and Courtland and that her opportunities would shrink for the rest of her life.

Jenelle plays with Jace for a few moments, then Nathan comes over to meet him and Barbara. Babs seems to like him, but Jace is tired of meeting new men and decides it's time to act out. (If this kid is showing so much aggression now, who knows what he'll be like in high school!) Jenelle and Nathan leave and Jace begs her not to go, yet again. 

She and Nathan go back to the beach and she tells him about her plans to move out of her mom's place. He not-so-subtly hints at her crashing with him about two weeks into their relationship, as you do. 

"Jo, why are you so crazy??"

Kailyn Lowry: Kail brings Issac to her sonogram and Isaac gets a first look at his new sibling. He is so excited that he wants the doctor to take the baby out now. Isaac says some other cute things and the scene is totally adorable. Afterwards, Kail calls Javi to tell him about the appointment. Though he is happy that the baby is healthy, he's having a hard time waiting to find out the sex. They are also excited to plan their wedding, which is a couple months away.

Just as Kail wakes Isaac up and gets him ready to go to Jo's, she gets a text from him, saying he won't be home. She calls Javi to tell him and he advises Kail to keep him so he can have one of his parents around. Kail is frustrated by Jo's nonsense and decides to text him about the plan. 

Kail gets tired of waiting for Jo, so she takes Isaac with her and her friends to eat. While there, Kail vents to her friends about the situation and how Jo's case is just getting weaker with each of these stunts. They also tell her that Jo may be blocking the move because of jealousy (something that's been  in my head since the beginning of the season). Then, all of a sudden, Jo starts sending her nasty texts saying he's now home and Kail's all of a sudden cutting into his time. (You were the one that was late, need I remind you!!)

When she brings Isaac to his house, once-romantic couple get into a heated argument over which one of them was actually late (umm??). Kail walks away and Jo responds with the sweet, heartfelt saying "hope your f*cking water breaks tonight". Aww, how cute, wishing premature death on Isaac's sibling!!

"Why did I have a kid with this deadbeat??"

Chelsea Houska: It's time for Aubree to start preschool and Chelsea heads to the parents' meeting. She drops Aubree off with her mom asks her if she looks fat (?? she's gorgeous!!) She invites Adam to the meeting and when he arrives late and in a sleeveless shirt, Chelsea is annoyed. Adam responds with the amusing "I don't give a sh*t what I wear", (such a charmer, that Adam) as they head into the preschool.

At the preschool meeting, the teacher talks about the field trips they do (lucky), and that they need parent volunteers. (can you imagine Adam going on one of those?? shutters...) Afterwords, she and Adam flirt a little and they shake hands. Chelsea responds with the flirtatious "your hand is disgusting". Oh, and Adam forgets Aubree's birthday (dad of the year award).

Chelsea then goes home and talks to her friend about Adam and the meeting. It went well, but that it  was weird seeing Adam again. She doesn't know much about Adam's new baby and wants to keep it that way.
"Why does this have to happen to my child :( "

Leah Calvert: Ali has another doctor's appointment coming up, so Leah and Jeremy drop off Addalyn and Aleah with family. Aleah is upset when they leave and the attachment is kind of cute. When they get in the car, Leah talks about how she didn't expect this kind of life for herself when she was having sex in high school. When she got pregnant, she thought she would have healthy children and go to school, not be a stay-at-home mom with a disabled child. 

They arrive the doctor's appointment, where Ali claims she saw Repunzul (too cute!!). The foreign doctor who you can't understand tells them that her diagnosis has been confirmed and they want to do more research to find out what caused it. He also said that she will need to use a wheelchair when she goes to school.

After the appointment the gang go out to eat to discuss the results and they weren't expecting the wheelchair part. Corey is in denial and Leah is devastated. 

In the car ride homes, Leah gets more upset and is sobbing uncontrollably. Jeremy tries to comfort her, but doesn't know what to say and neither does her mom. Sad face :( 

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Next Week: Jenelle tries to convince her mom to let her watch Jace at Nathan's place, Kailyn and Javi look at a house in Delaware, Chelsea puts Aubree in preschool, and Leah considers moving into a wheelchair accessible home.

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