Awkward. Recap: Season 3 Episode12 "And Then What Happened?"

Photo: Seriously FREAKING OUT! Are Jenna and Matty still together? Find out tomorrow at 10:30/9:30c: http://on.mtv.com/16h4m9V

After Jenna's surprise party, Jenna refuses to come out of her room and Matty refuses to take her calls. Meanwhile everyone is at school, trying to piece together what happened at the party and if Jenna and Matty are still a couple.

Tamara and Jenna's other friends discuss what they saw at the party and their theories about her and Matty's current relationship. Suddenly Sadie lets the cat out of the bag that Matty came to her after what happened at the party. (Seriously, why is Matty friends with this bitch, let alone confiding in her for advice!)

Jenna finally gets ahold of Matty and goes out to his car to talk. Matty is upset about what happened, but is willing to give their relationship another chance (Aww!). However Jenna is convinced that Matty couldn't possibly be able to look at her the same way he did before this happened. Matty is hurt by the breakup and I don't see why Jenna would want to be with someone else after Matty has finally turned into the good boyfriend she wanted. (Ugh this sucks!! They were so cute together!!)

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/awkward-season-3-ep-12-and-then-what-happened/1716440/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Jenna and Matty experience awkwardness (!) after their breakup and their friends begin to take sides.

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