Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 "The Truth Hurts"

Briana Dejesus: After months as a single parent, Briana has re-entered the dating world. She has begun talking to a new boy named Jacob and doesn't want her mom to find out. However, when Brianna leaves her phone on the table in the kitchen, her mom sees who her calls are from. She confronts Briana and confides in Brittany to find out who this guy is. Brittany doesn't like him either, and the two refuse to watch Nova when Jacob asks her out. Sure, Jacob is a little strange and may turn out to be another Devoin, but both her mom and her sister need to lighten up.

Mackenzie Douthit: Josh finally contact Mackenzie and returns her saddle, along with asking her to give him another chance. She does, but still struggles with Gannon while her mom is away on a church mission trip when her mom returns, Mackenzie goes to meet Josh to talk, taking Gannon with her at 10pm. She and her parents get into a fight over this, which ends with Mackenzie leaving angrily. Since it was so late, she should have either asked Josh to come into her house and talk or asked her parents to watch Gannon instead of waking him up.

Katie Yeager: It's been 3 days since Katie and Joey split and Joey is coming over with a hand-delivered message: that he has a new GF. (Aww so cute! It took him only THREE DAYS to bang a new girl!) Katie is understandably devastated and decides to move in with her dad, swearing off boys forever. However, as Katie is moving out and she and Joey are splitting their belongings, things get violent and she calls her mom. Katie's mom calls the cops when Joey tries to illegally take Molli. Things are calmed down by the time the cops get there, and leaves taking Molli with her. She leaves behind her engagement ring, along with a photo of her once-happy family.

Alex Sekella: Alex finds out her new boy has been hitting up other girls and decides to cut ties with him. To make things worse, Matt calls saying he was kicked out of his halfway house. Luckily Alex's friend surprises her with a concert to get her mind off things. They have fun at the concert and meet some cut boys, but none that would be a good match for her and Arabella.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-11-the-truth-hurts/1716317/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=41948&channelId=1

Next Week: Briana begins a secret relationship, Mackenzie vents about her fight with her parents, Katie has a hard time with her and Joey's breakup, and Alex celebrates Arabella's 1st birthday.

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