Teen Mom 3 Season 1 Finale Recap: "For Better of Worse"

Briana Dejesus: It's Nova's 1st birthday and Brianna and her family are going all out for her party (even hiring face painters and balloon artists!!) Briana decides to invite Devoin and let him make an effort in her life. Things work swimmingly at the party, but we'll see how this works out in the future!!!

Mackenzie Douthit: It's also Gannon's first birthday and, unlike Briana, Makenzie and her mom are throwing a cowboy party. They have fun, but Josh continues to act distant when Mackenzie suggests counseling. He refuses to go and kicks Mackenzie out of his car, leaving her devastated. If they don't start learning to communicate better, their relationship is not going to last.

Katie Yeager: It's also Molli's first birthday and Katie wants to celebrate with Joey as a family. (Why!!) Joey doesn't like that plan, leading to another fight ending with his girlfriend talking shit about Katie. (OMG this girl is such a bitch!!) He later changes his mind mind and decided to come with Katie for Molli's birthday. Side note: that cheesecake looked SO good!!!

Alex Sekella: Bad news for Alex... she was missing two credits and wasn't able to graduate on time, making her do her senior year over again! (Seriously, repeat the credits she's ALREADY FINISHED??? To cheer her up, Alex's mom decides it's time for a family vacation to Bermuda (Jealous). Alex is finally able to relax, but she returns home, she receives a text from Matt saying he wants to meet up and talk. Alex gives him another chance to coparent together, but he doesn't show up. Time to cut that deadbeat out for good!!


Does anyone know if there will be a reunion show?? Didn't see a preview. Hmm I'll have to investigate...

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