Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Unseen Moments

Briana: There were mostly fun elements here, like selling Nova's clothes to goodwill and struggling with passing her classes.

Mackenzie Douthit: We see scene of Mackenzie acting like a total goofball, starting water balloon fights and writing on people's cars with window paint. (Lol)

Katie Yeager: We actually get to see Katie and Joey get along in some of these clips, along with both of them reflecting on their recent breakup, including one scene with Joey and his whole of the week DTRing just 3days after his breakup with Katie.

Alex Sekella: Alex starts dance again, tries to maintain friendships while having Arabella and Matt reflects on his big fight fight with Alex.

You can watch the special here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-unseen-moments/1716739/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=41948&channelId=1

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