16 and Pregnant Recap: Season 5, Episode 1 "Maddy"

16 and Pregnant has finally returned after 2 years have gone by since the last season!

In this first episode, we meet Maddy, a girl from Tinley Park, IL (home state, ya'll) who gets pregnant from a one night stand after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend. Cody, the babydaddy, hasn't been around for the first seven months of her pregnancy and is just now going to his first doctor's appointment with Maddy. She is having a girl and naming her Aubrey. She later sits poolside with her friends to talk about going back to school and what will happen after the baby arrives. She then talks to her mom, only to find out that she will be kicked out after the baby is born because there are already too many people in the house. She has the option to stay with Cody or her dad, but Maddy doesn't like either of those options.

Apparently this is how MTV illustrates a teenage one-night-stand.
Maddy's one night stand illustrated in about 5 seconds...

That awkward moment when...they can't write "Maddy's boyfriend."
"No I'm not Maddy's boyfriend, just some guy that donates sperm..."

"I keep havin' babies, so there's no more room in my house!!"

Cody offers Maddy to live at his parents' place, so the family join to talk about it. Later is Maddy's first day of school, which goes horribly due to the fact that she's a pregnant high-schooler. After school, Maddy meets up with her softball friends to toss a ball around while Maddy is very pregnant, as you do. During their game, Cody calls and asks her on their very first date (other than that one time when Aubree was conceived). They go to a local pizza joint, but the romance end quickly when Aubree's last name is brought up. Cody later apologizes for fighting on their date, but Maddy still refuses to give Aubrey her last name.

Maddy and Cody's family are discussing the baby's room when Maddy goes into labor. We actually don't get to see the birth this time and get a close up of the parents holding the baby they made. However, the happiness doesn't last long when she and Cody get into a fight at the hospital over Aubree's name.

This is the kind of crap footage we get when the cameramen don't stagger their lunch breaks.
What just a couple minutes can do...

Things get difficult as Maddy brings Aubrey home and Cody never comes around to see her. Because of this, she is reconsidering her decision to live with Cody and decides to move in with her dad. After moving in with her dad, Cody comes over to see Aubrey for the second time in TWO MONTHS and they try to work out a parenting plan.

Two pumps and you're stuck parenting with a chump for 18 years.
"Not exactly the career direction I wanted to go..."

This photo basically sums up my ultimate nightmare.
"When are these babies gonna stop rollin' in??"

The moment Maddy realized that she'd be staring at Cody's snarly teeth for the next 18 years.
"Ugh, I'm stuck with a doushebag for 18 years!"

*Photos from theashleysrealityroundup.com

Next Week: We meet Autumn, who's boyfriend is an addict and has a sister who is also a teen mom.

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