Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 "Out of the Blue"

Jenelle Evans: While Babs is feeding Jace a pickle, Nathan is reading a 'bible' (like this guy totally practices what he preaches, you know, living with someone who's technically still married to someone else). Jenelle comes in and tells Nathan that she's pregnant. Nathan asks Jenelle if she's sure she wants another child. (Umm, isn't that something you ask before conceiving, not after???) Jenelle thinks the baby will bring them closer, but is not worried if they split up because she'll be able to take care of the baby on her own, you know, with no degree, no job a criminal record, and no custody of the kid she already has...

Jenelle heads to the doctor to get an ultrasound of the baby, even though the baby is only half an inch big so far. Jenelle then tells the doctor that this was a planned pregnancy and she even had an ovulation calendar. The doctor then asks Jenelle if she smokes or does street drugs. Jenelle says she smokes one or 2 cigarettes a day, but Nathan will make her quit. Let's hope so for this kid's sake...

While Nathan's at work, Jenelle drives to Casa de Babs to tell her and Jace about the pregnancy. She first asks how Jace is doing. Babs says that he's being a little mean, but she's doing timeouts with him like they do at his school and it seems to work. (Really Babs, you're just NOW thinking of this??) Jenelle then tells her mom she's pregnant and Babs tells her that she won't take another baby if she and Nathan split up. Jenelle tells her mom that she wouldn't want her to and then goes to tell Jace in the cutest way possible.

"This is your newest brother or sister!!"

Jenelle goes back home and meets up with Nathan to talk about her pregnancy. They talk about the fights that they have and how they need to fix all their problems before the baby comes.

Kailyn Lowry: Kail's wedding is over and she and Javi get some time to themselves, since they can't go on a honeymoon now, due to the baby being due soon. The next morning, Kail expresses her gratefulness for Javi's family and what she's nervous about with the new baby. She also talks about how her deadbeat mom has been calling her and whether she'd let her be a part of Isaac and the new baby's life. She says maybe, but it would take a very long time of her staying sober.

Kail and Javi are back from 'Philly' (aka New Jersey) and it's time for Isaac to go to his dad's. Javi has to take Isaac to Jo's alone, since Kail is too pregnant to ride in the car for 2 hours. Kail is worried that it will be awkward, but things go off without a hitch.

When Javi comes home from work, Kail has something big to tell him: that she had a conversation with her mom for the first time in about 2 years. She tells him that her mom wanted to stay with them, but doesn't know what her intentions are. On a side note I loved how warm and supportive Javi seemed this scene. :)

"I wish you'd stop messing with me, mom."

In the next scene, a very pregnant Kail sits down to give her mom a call. She tells her mom that she's welcome to come down to see the birth and help with the baby if she wants. Her mom promises to be there and Kail is in tears because she doesn't know whether to believe her or not and too hurt from everything that has already happened. This scene is actually quite sad...

Chelsea Houska: Aubree is at school and when Chelsea fetches the mail, she finds more papers from Adam. She calls her dad (as per usual) to tell him and he tells her to send him copies to give to their lawyer. Her dad thinks they have a strong case, "He's been in and out of her life, in and out of jail, in and out of everything else", but Chelsea is frustrated that Aubree has to deal with this.

"I call daddy for everything!"

It's time to pick Aubree up from daycare and when Chelsea mentions going out for ice cream, Aubree throws a huge tantrum because she can't invite her cousin over to play. Aubree continues to scream in the car and Chelsea calls her dad yet again because Aubree is being 'so naughty' and doesn't know how to discipline her own child.

Once Aubree calms down, Chelsea and her friend take her out for ice cream (great way to reward your child for a tantrum, Chelsea). Chelsea and her friend talk about the upcoming court case, while Aubree suffers a brain freeze from the ice cream ('It's cooolldd'!!!).

It's time for the court date, but instead of going in front of a judge, Chelsea and Adam's lawyers are able to come to a temporary agreement. Aubree goes to Adam's parent's house every other weekend and he's not allowed to drive with her (thank god, considering his record of 3 DUI's and numerous other driving charges!!!)

Leah Messer: Leah hasn't talked to Jeremy since he left for his job and is so stressed out taking care of 3 kids that she starts screaming at them for misbehaving. She takes Ali to her physical therapy appointment to practice in her wheelchair. Ali has fun chasing Aleah and Leah is happy that Ali feels free.

When Leah drops the girls off with Corey, she fills him in on Ali's appointment. She says it could be awhile before they get the wheelchair, but will know more when they go to Ohio in a month. Meanwhile, Aleah is kicking Ali in the backseat and Leah and Corey discuss stronger discipline for Aleah. (Can't these two notice that Aleah needs one-on-one time when Ali and Addalynn get all the attention???)

Leah goes out to lunch with her mom to talk about Ali's wheelchair, and her mom could see her running over Aleah. They also talk about Leah and Jeremy's lack of communication and how Jeremy acts like his wife and kids don't exist when he goes on work trips.

Leah finally get a hold of Jeremy, only to find out that he wants a divorce. Leah is upset, calling her fiend Kayla, crying, embarrassed about getting divorced twice and having 3 kids at the age of 21.

"When are men gonna stop leaving me??"

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You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/shows/teen_mom_2/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-11-out-of-the-blue/1725224/playlist/

Next Week: Nathan gets arrested, Kailyn gives birth, Chelsea continues to deal with Adam, and Leah flirts with Corey.

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