Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 12 "What You See is Not What You Get"

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle is almost 2 months pregnant and she and Nathan take Jace to a karate class to help him with his behavioral problems. Jace does well in the class and it's cute to see Jace doing karate.

Jenelle and Nathan go over to Casa de Babs to give her update on their relationship and how they only fight over video games, as you do. Babs is worried about what their plans are for the future, starting a family, with no jobs and all. They claim this isn't a problem because they can share accounts, even though they're not married and Jenelle is still legally married to someone else. Nathan and Babs get in another fight and Nathan storms off.

"Ya guys ah crazy folks ova heah!!!"

To make things worse, Nathan gets arrested for DUI. Jenelle bails him out of jail, but, since this is his third DUI, he could serve a year in prison. (Hey, he and Adam could be cellmates!!!)

Jenelle goes back to Casa de Babs to discuss morning sickness and Nathan's arrest. Babs is worried about her, but Jenelle says is on him (no, actually DUI's affect a lot of people, Jenelle!).

"No, people don't die from drunk drivers, duh!"

Kailyn Lowry: Kail is due next week and there's still a lot to do to get ready for the new addition. Kail is stressed out as they try to paint the baby's room, as Javi is basically screwing the whole thing up and getting paint on the baseboards.

Soon after, Kail starts having contractions, so Javi and Peach drive her to the hospital. Peach sits out in the waiting room while Javi rubs Kail's back during painful contractions. Finally, after 16 hours of labor, baby Lincoln enters the world. Isaac comes to the hospital to meet his little brother and claims that it's HIS baby (the kid is so cute!!!) and comments that his hair is disgusting. (Hey, the thing just traveled out of Kail's womb, he's not going to be perfectly clean!!)

It's now time to come home from the hospital and Kail is feeling pretty great, for just giving birth. At home, her and Javi talk about how her mom has already broken her promise that she made the week before. Then, Kail gets emotional when Isaac falls asleep in her arms.

"So cute :)"

Peach comes over to see Lincoln and talk to Kail about the issues with her mom and splitting her time between Isaac and Lincoln. Javi comes in the room and Peach asks him how it feels to be a dad. He says he's not sure, but learning and so in love.

"I'm so exited that you're here!!!"

Chelsea Houska: It's time for the holiday program at Aubree's preschool and things get awkward when Adams brings baby Paislee along with him. They then attempt to work together to help Aubree with a paper plate snowman, but can't get along on who gets to do what.

Chelsea sits down to talk to her lookalike/friend Megan about how awkward the recital was. Aubree was grabbing Chelsea's hand and bringing her to Paislee. Meanwhile, Adam and Taylor are talking about the same moment and how Adam hopes that he'll be able to bring Aubree to his place someday (yeah buddy, you know you actually to prove you're a decent parent by staying out of trouble before that can happen!!!).

"Adam, can you just be happy that you get to see her at all???"

At work, Chelsea tells her boss that her boards are in a few weeks and once passes those, she'll be able to do everything at work. Even though it took Chelsea almost 2 years to complete her GED, she's exited to have finished her education and start a career.

Though Chelsea has been working a lot and hasn't spent much time with Aubree, Adam's mom picks Aubree up at her work. She then meets up with her friend and tells her that Adam barely spent much time with Aubree and Aubree was wondering why. She also told her that Adam changed his number and refused to give it to her. She confronted him and he called her a bitch (real mature for a dad, Adam!)

Leah Calvert: Jeremy finally comes home from his job in New Mexico, but tensions rise again when he finds texts from Corey on Leah's phone and storms off. When he return, they talk about the situation and Leah assures Jeremy that he has nothing to worry about. They talk about their arguments and Jeremy FINALLY agrees to go to counseling to work on their marriage.

"I'm glad you finally want to work on us!!"

Leah then meets up with Corey and his mountain beard to give him doctor papers. They then reminisce about the good ol' days of when they were married and how their divorce was a consequence of having kids at 17. For 2 people who are supposedly happily married to other people, this seems very strange...

Leah, Corey, and Jeremy meet up at Ali and Aleah's gymnastics practice and things between Corey are pretty tense. When they leave, Leah confronts Jeremy about his issues with Corey. Also, Aleah continues to act out, despite the discipline they try to give her.

Leah and Jeremy try to get Addy to walk while they talk about their relationship issues. They both agree to work on their marriage and go to counseling.

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You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/shows/teen_mom_2/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-12-what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get/1725676/playlist/

Next Week: Nathan wants Jenelle to get an abortion, Kail finds out that Jo's girlfriend moved in with her, Adam gets in a car accident and is nearly killed, and Ali starts to have breathing problems.

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