Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Recap: "That's the Way Love Goes"

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle and Nathan have started arguing a lot about Nathan quitting his job and one of their arguments gets so loud that the cops are called. Jenelle gets arrested for a breech of peace and Jace is there to witness the whole thing!! (Poor, poor kid!) Nathan bails Jenelle out and she is worried about how this arrest will violate her probation and how she may have to serve jail time while pregnant.

Jenelle heads over to Casa de Babs to talk about her arrest. She told the cops that nothing happened, they just argued because when she told the Courtland incident, Courtland lied, and they both got arrested. Jenelle wants to go to counseling with Nathan since she's pregnant, but Babs thinks Jenelle is doomed, all while Jace asks if Nathan is trying to kill his mom.

Jenelle and Nathan sit down to talk about their situations and how they both need to get lawyers for their cases. They talk about how they are going to fight regardless, but need to keep it away from Jace so he doesn't suffer the consequences of having messed-up parents.

Later, after a doctor's appointment to hear the heartbeat, Jenelle and Nathan get in a HUGE and fight and Nathan tells her to get an abortion. Jenelle is understandably, upset by this because she's too far along and they just heard the heartbeat. They have a screaming match and sobfest, then eventually make up.

"What kind of person kills their baby after hearing the heartbeat!!!"

Kailyn Lowry: Javi has gone back to work, so Kail has had her hands full with both Isaac and baby Lincoln. Isaac starts misbehaving while Kail is feeding Lincoln, so she glad when Javi comes home to help with the kids. Kail finally gets something to eat and tells Javi she doesn't want anymore kids.

Javi is home from work, so he is able to help more with Isaac, so Kail can focus on Lincoln. Meanwhile Jo and Vee discuss how things are going to work now that Isaac will be staying with them instead of at Jo's parents' house. They think things will be fine, but they don't plan on telling Kail about Vee living there. (Uh, Jo, don't you think Kail deserves to know who her son is staying with, just saying...)

Jo calls Kail to tells her that he got a new place in New Jersey and that Isaac will be staying with him and Vee. Kail is over the Vee situation but, understandably, has some concerns about the new living arrangement and all of the change that will occur in Isaac's life. I have to say I think she handled this quite well and I completely understand her concerns about the situation.

Later, Javi comes back home to help with Isaac so Kail can focus on breastfeeding Lincoln. Kail is upset that she hasn't been able to spend much time with Isaac and Javi does his best to comfort her.

"You eat so much for such a little guy!"

Isaac goes over to Jo's and Jo surprises him with an empty room. (Seriously, the work you could pull on a 3-year-old. Not surprisingly, Isaac starts to cry but cheers up once he sees his new room at Jo and Vee's new apartment.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea's board exams are coming soon, so she's staying in a hotel, since the place is a few hours away. She misses Aubree, but is trying to concentrate on studying. Meanwhile Aubree is with Adam, Taylor, and Paislee for the weekend, and the whole gang goes bowling together. Adam asks Aubree if she had fun (yeah, Adam, way to reel Aubree in fun activities instead of responsible parenting practices), and Adam talks more crap about Chelsea.

Chelsea and her friend have arrived at their hotel room Chelsea calls Aubree to tell her that she will pick her up when she gets back. Chelsea's mom then hangs up because she's watching bachelor (lol). Chelsea then tries to focus on studying and her friend quizzes her.

The next morning, after getting little sleep, Chelsea heads over to take her exam. Afterwards, Chelsea is sure she failed, despite studying all night, and calls her dad for reassurance.

Before Chelsea receives the results, she hears about Adam's infamous car wreck in the news. She talks to her friend about how she's glad he's alive, but that all of her concerns were just proven true.

(I told you Adam was a deadbeat!)

Leah Calvert: Leah and Jeremy have getting along better since he got home from New Mexico and they are able to go out and get a few minutes to themselves. They talk about how Aleah acts out for attention and her fears for Ali in the future. Leah starts to get emotional, so Jeremy hold her hand to comfort her. It's nice to see Jeremy showing her some affection for once...

While packing for Ali's doctor's appointment, Leah talk to her sister about how she wants to find out what caused her disorder and how she's been hearing Ali try to catch her breath at night. She wants to get it checked out and is worried about things going downhill for her.

The next morning, Leah wakes Jeremy and Ali up (in cute pajamas, I must add) and gets Ali ready for her appointment. Ali doesn't want to eat because she is nervous and Leah comforts her. Leah's mom comes by the hotel room and they all leave for the appointment.

They arrive at the appointment and they learn just what caused Ali's disorder. They don't know what to expect in the future because Ali is the only child in the world who has it.

"I couldn't have imagined this when I was 17!"

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Next Week on the reunion show: Jenelle, Kailyn, and Leah talk about fights with their significant others, Javi and Jo go head to head, Leah talks about Ali's disorder, and Adam accuses Chelsea of sleeping with his brother, as you do.

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