Recap of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 "Where Are They Now?" Special

Lindsay Harrison: Linday's daughter, Aniyah, is two years old now and she and her baby daddy, Forest, are no longer together. She broke up with him because he was smoking wouldn't find a job. Now Lindsay is a single parent and she and Forest split custody of Aniyah. She obtained her GED and is in college. She is currently working at a stripclub and has plans to open a Hookah lounge.

Jordan: Jordan's son, Chase, is two now and she and her baby daddy, Tyler got back together after the show ended. Jordan finished high school and is now in college. Tyler works while Jordan stays home with Chase. Chase has been diagnosed with projectile vomiting and has to have medication every day.

Myranda Trevino: Myranda's daughter, Kaylee is two now and she and Eric are engaged. They plan to marry soon, but Miranda is putting it off. Eric works at Walmart and Myranda stays home with Kaylee. They don't have much money, so they are on Food Stamps and WIC.

Hope Harbert: Hope's son, Triston, is two now and she and Ben are still together. When Ben loses his job, Hope has to work more hours at her waitressing job and the two of them have to move out of their apartment. Hope and Triston move back in with her mom, while Ben is stuck living in a tent. Because of having to work so much, Hope has failed a couple college class and is worried about losing her financial aid.

Sarah Roberts: Sarah's daughter, Tinley, is two now and Blake is no longer involved in their lives. (In fact, he impregnanted another girl!!) Sarah has decided to change her phone number and Tinley's last name so Blake can no longer contact them. Sarah still lives with her mother and is starting to date again. She has finished her first year of college and works part-time at a restaurant.

Sabrina Salores: Sabrina's daughter, Audrey, is two now and she and Iman are no longer together because he cheated while she was pregnant. He moved back to California and they no longer speak. Sabrina has a new boyfriend, whom she lives with, and looking for a job.

Devon's son, Landon, is almost two and she and Colin are no longer together. She suffers from anxiety attacks and is on medication. She just got her GED and looking towards college.

Kristina Robinson: Kristina's story changed most of all. Her son, Lukas is almost two years old and she still doesn't understand why Todd's death occured. After Lukas was born, Kristina met a new guy named TJ, whom she married six months later. Shortly after, Kristina became pregnant with her second son Joseph, who is now eight months old. A few months ago, Kristina and TJ separated and TJ is threatening to take Joseph away from her. Kristina will file for divorce so this can't happen. Kristina is on food stamps and is trying to find a job. She also is trying to get her GED so she can start college.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/16-pregnant-season-4-where-are-they-now-part-4/1713800/playlist.jhtml

Who has made the most drastic changes? Where will the girls be five years from now? Guess we'll have to find out!

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