Teen Mom 3 Series Premiere Recap: "Hope for the Best"

Briana DeJesus with daughter Nova and sister Brittany. (theashleys reality roundup.org)

The time has (finally!) come for Teen Mom 3 to begin and I'm so excited. The start of this show has been anticipating for over a year and MTV is finally getting it on the air. I particularly like this group of girls because they are more genuine examples of real teen moms. Unlike some former cast members (ahem Farrah Abraham and Jennelle Evans), these girls' top priority is being a parent, not getting arrested, making sex tapes, or getting plastic surgery. So get on with the show.

Briana DeJesus- Briana is the single mother of daughter Nova. Her sister was pregnant around the same time, but chose to have an abortion. Nova's father Devoin is rarely around so Brianna does most of the parenting by herself.

In this episode, Briana's mother discusses with her and her sister how disappointed she was to find out they had been sexually active behind her back and how they don't need boyfriends right now. Briana is on a government assistance program call WIC, but Briana explains that if Devoin had put in his part as a father, they would not need the government's help. Briana then finds out that Devoin has been bullying him her and decides to file a protective order against him.

Mackenzie Douthit- Mackenzie is a small town cheerleader with a boyfriend Josh who is a bullrider. When she got pregnant, Josh had to give up bullriding to find a job, while Mackenzie continued to cheer.

Mackenzie and Josh are now engaged, but don't look like a very affectionate couple. On their 2 year anniversary dinner, Josh barely makes eye contact with her. Josh continues to act distant, until he discusses with his friend how much he loves her. Josh apologizes to Mackenzie and everything is good again.

Katie Yeager- Katie is a Wyoming girl who once had dreams of going away to college in Denver, until she got pregnant by her boyfriend Joey. Now Katie is stuck living with Joey, taking community college classes online, and working at a kids clothing store while Joey works full-time at a coal mine.

Katie is afraid that Joey could die from a cave-in at work, but Joey shrugs it off as if it's no big deal. Then, later Joey brings Katie's car home with a major dent in it. When Katie asks him what happened, Joey tells her that his backed into the car. When he refuses to get his aunt's insurance information, Katie calls the cops to file an accident report. Joey appologizes to Katie and they make up.

Alex Skella- Alex is a spunky girl with a drug- addict boyfriend named Matt. As a young mother, Alex juggles her daughter Arabella, online high school, and three (!) jobs.

Alex is anxiously awainting Matt's return from rehab and her mother is letting him stay at their house, as long as he helps out around the house. Matt immediately starts slacking, but her mom straightens him out. Alex's mom agrees to babysit Arabella so they can go out and they go well, until he wants to to get food from a bad part of town. Alex is worried because he used to buy drugs there and the two get into a huge fight over it.

Next episode: Briana drops the court order, Mackenzie asks Josh to move in with her, Joey proposes to Katie, and Alex continues to have reservations about Matt.

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