Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 "Second Thoughts"

Mackenzie and her son, Gannon (theashleysrealityroundup.com)

Briana DeJesus- As Briana and her mother take infant CPR classes, Devoin discusses his lack of fatherly involvement with his friends. He later texts Briana, which confuses her even more. After a lot of thought, Briana decided to the protection order and let Devoin try to be a father.

Mackenzie Douthit- After making up with Josh, Mackenzie asks him to move in so they won't fight as much. She then asks her mom, who isn't fond of the idea of them living together before marriage. She agrees to let Josh move in, as long as they are staying in separate bedrooms. However, when Mackenzie and her mom talk to Josh, he says he would rather live by himself until Mackenzie graduates high school.

Katie Yeager- Fresh out of  making up from their fight, Joey asks Katie out to dinner. The couple hasn't been out since Molli was born so they're really excited. As Katie gets ready for their date, Joey talks about his plans to propose. They have a great time at dinner and when dessert comes out, there's a ring on top of Katie's cheesecake. Joey gets down on one knee and awkwardly proposes to Katie.

Alex Skella- As Alex falls behind on her schoolwork, she has to really on Matt to more to babysit. However, Alex is having time trusting him, so she question what he is doing every time he leaves the house. After receiving advice from her family, she tries to become patient with Matt.

Next Week: Briana lets Devoin into Nova's life, Mackenzie opts for birth control, Katie's engagement starts falling apart, and Alex works on her trust issues with Matt.

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