Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 3 "Growing Up Fast"

Katie Yeager and Molli (google.com)

Briana Dejesus- After dropping the court order against Devoin, she decides to let him around and try to be a father. She explains to him what she did and if he messes with her again, she will persue the court order. She agrees to let Devoin babysit for an hour, but ends up coming back after 30 minutes when he can't handle Nova.

Mackenzie Douthit- Josh decides not to move into Mackenzie's parents' house, but agrees to stay there one night a week to help with Gannon. Even though they have a kid together, Mackenzie's mother makes them sleep in different rooms because she doesn't believe in sex before marriage. Mackenzie is thinking about birth control just in case but, because of her attitudes, she can't talk to her mom about anything. She doesn't want to hide this from her mom, so she texts her to let her know she's getting the Mirena IUD. When she gets home, Mackenzie explains to her mom that she plans to stay abstinent, but with teenagers, things can change quickly. This is a very sad situation and the fact that her mom never had a sex talk with her led to her getting pregnant in high school.

Katie Yeager- Even though she and Joey are engaged, they are putting off wedding plans until Katie finishes college. (Smart girl) Now that Joey is making more money, they decide they can afford a bigger appartment so Molli can have her own room. They sign a lease for a new appartment and things are going well- until Katie finds out from Joey's friend that he owes him money. Katie and Joey begin to fight over their finances, with leads to Joey storming off to work.

Alex Skella- Alex is still having problems trusting Matt and is becoming increasingly annoyed with him not having a job. They get into a heated argument and her mom interveins, suggesting they try counseling to learn to communicate better. They take her mom's advice and see a counselor, but Matt doesn't look that into it.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-3-ep-3-growing-up-fast/1713376/playlist.jhtml

Next Week- Briana continues to have problems with Devoin, Mackenzie and Josh attend prom, Katie and Joey make up after their fight, and Alex and Matt get into a fight that tourns violent.

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