Teen Mom 3 Recap: Season 1 Episode 6 "To Be Judged"

Gannon watches as Mackenzie and Josh share a hug. (mtv.com)
Brianna Dejesus: Briana has had enough of Devoin's actions as a father and has decided to kick him to the curb. Briana invites him over to tell him and things get heated when her mother steps in. The talk turns into a complets screamfest and Roxanne kicks him out of the house. Then Brianna and her family decide to reinstall the protective order and have cops with them to drop off the papers with Devoin. Though Roxanne was out of line in the fight, it was nice to see her stay by her daughter's side.
Mackenzie Douthit: Josh decides to get back into rodeo and has his first competition soon. Mackenzie and her family arrive late to the festivities only to find out that Josh has been disqualified. I know Josh and Mackenzie love bullriding and cheerleading, but they both need to get side jobs so their parents don't have to fully support Gannon.
Katie Yeager: Things only get worse for Katie and Joey when she finds out about overdrafts to their bank account. Katie suspects that Joey is using marijana and the two begin fighting over the issue. They go back to counseling where Katie opens up about her father's drug abuse and how she doesn't want Molli to go through the same thing if Joey gets arrested. Joey reluctantly agrees to quit, but we'll see if he really does.
Alex Sekella: Alex's basement is left a mess from Matt's departure, so she invites him over to clean it up and grab the rest of his things. However, Matt doesn't clean up all of the mass, leaving Alex angered once again. Then, Matt checks into a homeless program where he tests positive for marijana. They explain to him that if he uses any drugs, he will be kicked out of the program. Well have to see how long he lasts at this shelter...
Next Week: Devoin detests the protection order, Josh begins lacking affection towards Mackenzie, Katie continues to have problems with Joey, and Alex finds out that Matt overdosed on drugs.

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