Couples Therapy Season 3 Finale Recap: "Season Finale"

Catelynn gets emotional when thanking Dr. Jenn.
Catelynn gets emotional on the last day of therapy. (Photo: vh1.com)

This season's finale starts where the last episode left off: with Joe and screaming at each other and them each going to their significant others to vent. Dustin tries to calm Heather down telling her his opinion of people doesn't really matter, while Joe storms into his bedroom venting to Abbey about classless and pathetic Heather and everyone in the house is. (Really Joe, I'm sure every single person in the house has more class than you do. When Joe and Abbey come out of the kitchen, Joe starts to controll who Abbey associates with by telling Catelynn to stay away from her.

Later, Joe sits down with Temple to talk out what happened. Temple gives him wise advise, but Joe gets defensive, telling her she's on everyone elses team. After this talk Joe and Abbey decide they have had enough of everyone in the house, so they decide to leave early.

Joe tries to get Temple to see things his way.
No, Joe. You're upset because she's telling you the truth and you don't want to hear it!

On their final night of therapy, the couples get to spend some alone time on dates to acess their relationship and discuss their futures.

Dustin and Heather go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. As they talk about their future, Dustin pulls out a surprise for Heather: a gorgeous bracelet symbolizing his commitment to her. Heather is stunned and the two of them have a great time on their date.

Dustin buys a bracelet for Heather.
So cute:)

Meanwhile, Flav is pulling out all the stops for his dinner date with Liz, first surprising her with a room full of flowers that literally looks like a garden. Liz is impressed as they go to their date to talk about their future. They discuss the challenges they are about to face with a baby on the way and how they will get through them.

Flav shows Liz a new romantic side.
This is the first time we see Liz happy in weeks.

Instead of going to dinner, Catelynn and Tyler decide to stay back at the house and have an intimate yet romantic date in the hot tub. They discuss their decision to call off their wedding and how to move forward in their relationship. They come to the conclusion that even though they're not ready to marry, the love they have for each other won't change.

Catelynn and Tyler go on a hot tub date.
These two are still as adorable as ever ;)

Chingy and Temple decide to cancel their date, due to their relationship problems and constant bickering. After getting some helpful advice from Tyler, Temple comes to the conclusion that she has had enough and if therapy didn't help their relationship, nothing will. Chingy and Temple attend one last couples session with Dr. Jenn to discuss how to part ways respectfully and peacefully.

Chingy and Temple discuss their decision with Dr. Jenn.
Chingy and Temple's split was definately for the best!

On the last day of therapy, Jenn has one last group session with the couples where they discuss their journey. Many of the couples and even the couselors get emotial as they reflet on the progress they've made as individuals and as couples. After the metting, the couples start packing up and preparing to go home.

Joe and Abbey return to the house to discuss the fight with Heather and the progress they've made in therapy. (Jenn is going to continue to work with them in outpatient therapy as well as get Abbey help with her eating disorder.) The couple then returns to the house to make ammends with everyone. The couples all their goodbyes and all head home.

Joe and Abbey return to discuss the incident.
I don't know amount of therapy can fix Joe's attitude!

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/season-finale/1712636/playlist.jhtml

Did you like the final decisions the couples made about their relationships? I guess we'll have to see what happens in their futures!

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