Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 "False Positives"

Welcome back to Teen Mom 2 recaps! (Yes, I know this is a month late, but I've had a lot going on!)

Jenelle Evans: In the first scene of this episode, Jenelle takes a pregnancy test with her friend Tori. She is excited when 2 bars show up on the stick, but since one of the bars is blurry, she's not sure if it's a positive or negative result.

Spawn or no spawn? hmm...

Jenelle heads to the doctor to see if she has a dead fetus inside of her or if she really is preggo with Nathan's spawn. The doctor confirms that there is nothing in her uterus and the hormones from her abortion made the test positive. Jenelle and Nathan are disappointed, but say they just have to start practicing multiple times a day...and there goes lunch.

"Guess we haven't been practicing enough..."

Kailyn Lowry: It's finally their day in court and Javi drives a very pregnant Kail back to Pennsylvania to prepare. (In a Carrie Underwood shirt, as you do) Kail heads over to Jo's parents' mansion to attempt to come to a mediation agreement so they don't have to go before a judge. However, Jo is not willing to budge and Kail leaves the house, frustrated and in tears.

"Are you trying to make me pop Jo??"

The next day, Kail meets with her lawyer and goes to court. In the courtroom, the judge basically signs off on the same agreement that Kail had offered the night before and also discusses who will drive where. Kail expresses her frustration to Javi, but is happy that she gets to stay in Delaware.

Chelsea Houska: It's that time of year again... yes Aubree's birthday! This little princess turned 4 in this episode, decked with a party full of decorations and a bouncy house! Aubree is loving the party, until Adam tries to lure Aubree away with a toy of his own.

"I can't believe my princess is four!!"

Leah Calvert: Things with Leah are going great...until Jeremy passes out at work and has to come home on medical layoff. Leah is concerned, so she makes him a doctor's appointment to find out what's going on. On the way there the next morning, however, tensions arise when they are late to the appointment and fight over Jeremy's condition. At the doctor's, they find out nothing's wrong and the passing out was probably caused by stress.

"You're putting too much stress on me, Jeremy!"

Next week: Jenelle goes back to court, Kail fights with her in-laws about wedding planning, Aubree meets her new half-sister, and Leah talks to Corey about Ali starting school.

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