Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 "These are the Days"

Jenelle Evans: It's almost Jenelle's day in court, so her trashpit friend, Tori, comes over sporting a brand-new hairdo to talk about what might happen. She said that they are going to try and drop the felony charge and plead guilty to a lesser charge. When the day in court comes, Jenelle gets all dressed up and wears heals because it makes her feel "more classier" (her words, not mine...). She meets with her lawyer to discuss the case and how she is more worried about seeing Courtland and getting kidnapped than the charges.

"Who doesn't get kidnapped by their ex-husband??"

Jenelle goes to court and finds the case to be continued. Jenelle is happy, though since she didn't see Courtland.

"My wishes have come true already!"

Jenelle then heads over to casa de Babs to talk about the court case and that Courtland may be released from jail soon. Babs is also worried about this and that Courtland may get her daughter in more trouble...as you do.

"Ya betta not come neah my dawta Coutland!"

Kailyn Lowry: Kail is back to brown hair in the first scene as she meets up with her bridesmaids to start planning her wedding. Though Kail's friends have been great, Javi's sister and cousin are being major pains. They start critiquing everything the bride is choosing, even wanting to change their dresses!

"I don't wanna wear purple people!!!"

Javi's family then doesn't want to show up to try on hairstyles, which is frustrating Kail even more. Later, when she talks to Peach about it, she says she doesn't feel connected to this baby because of all the stress she's under.

"These girls are taking all the fun out of my pregnancy!"

Later that day, Javi comes over to access all the drama between Kail and the bridesmaids. He got nasty text from his family, bashing Peach and the earrings Kail picked out and poor Kail just can't take anymore of this while pregnant.

"I can't take anymore of this bridesmaid drama!!!"

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea is focused on skin school and this week's lesson is how to look like a vampire. Chelsea tries this on her trusty friend, Megan below.

"Do I look fabulous or what??"

Over at Adam's dump, Aubree is meeting Adam's new spawn for the first time. Aubree doesn't know what to think or how to process Adams newest creation.

"Where did that new baby come from, daddy?"

Later, Chelsea goes over to her dad's house to give him an update. She is upset because she found pictures of Aubree and Paislee at Adam's pad at midnight and is irritated and Adam and his family didn't tell her where Aubree was staying.

"Not telling me where my daughter is Adam?? That's low!!!"

Leah Messer: Leah and Jeremy head over to Corey and Miranda's log cabin to discuss Ali starting school. Though Corey still doesn't want to accept that she has a disability, they decide to go ahead with the schooling.

"I guess Ali needs school...and stuff."

Leah gets new hair (again) and Jeremy loves it. "It's better than that purple crap!" (way to stay positive, buddy) Corey and Miranda bring over new clothes for Ali and Aleah goes into a fit of jealousy. She's starts spraying around Aerosol and trying to light the place on fire, as you do.

"Can someone give me some attention for once??"

*Photos from okmagazine.com and theashleysrealityroundup.com.

Next Week: Jenelle gets her appendix removed, Kail tries on her wedding dress, Chelsea gets court papers from Adam, and Leah enrolls Ali in school.

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