Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 10 "We Belong Together"

Jenelle Evans: It's Jenelle's big day in court, so Mike is watching Jace. Apparently, Jace was being a bad boy at school because he didn't get any stickers, you know, with throwing around f-bombs and pinching his classmates and all. Meanwhile, Jenelle is headed to court to find out if she gets supervised or unsupervised probation. However, Nathan is worried out what he will do if Jenelle gets thrown in the slammer.

As Jenelle and Nathan head into court, they see Courtland randomly standing in the parking lot (yeah, that's not creepy at all!!). Then, court breaks for a short recess. Jenelle gets unsupervised probation, but because she failed a drug test, she has to spend 2 days in jail first. They go back into court to see if she goes to jail right now or in a few days.

Mike is playing football with Jace in the backyard when Nathan comes over to Casa de Babs to tell her that Jenelle's in jail. Babs calls Jenelle a bitch (nice words to describe your daughter, Babs) and is glad she went to jail to teach her a lesson.

Jenelle gets released from jail and Nathan arrives to pick her up, flowers in hand. She describes the horrors of jail to Nathan and how she is now on unsupervised probation.

"We can't even last 48 hours away from each other!"

When they get home, Jenelle discovers that Nathan starting talking to another girl online while she was in the slammer. They get into a screaming match over it and Nathan says he won't talk to the other girl anymore.

Kailyn Lowry: The big day is finally here and Javi is pumped to get going, playing ninjas in the hotel room with the groomsmen and all. Meanwhile Kail is getting her hair done with her friend and talking about how Javi wouldn't let her see Isaac until the wedding. She's not nervous for anything except the kiss (lol), and said she'll probably cry halfway through her vows.

The wedding is only a few hours away and Javi is having a difficult time dressing Isaac. Isaac is being very whiny because he doesn't want to wear a pull-up or dress up in a suit. Meanwhile, Kail puts on her wedding dress and is worried about how her pictures will look if there's food in her braces. She then shows Peach and Gigi the new wedding shoes she bought and discovers that one of them has writing on the bottom. She reads it and starts to cry while her friends fan her to keep her makeup from getting ruined. On the shoe is a super-sweet message from Javi about their big day that would make just about any girl melt into a gigantic puddle! This calms Kail down and she decides not to worry about anything else for the rest of the night.

The entire wedding crew has arrived at the venue and Kail and Javi are both balls of nerves. On the way into the venue, Kail has a massive wedgie that she needs her bridesmaids to pick (LOL). They then go to check out the sharks and talk about past weddings they have been in while they wait for the ceremony to start.

It's finally time for the ceremony and Kail about loses it when she sees Isaac in his little tux. He sweetly asks her, "What happened to your eyes?" (aww isn't he the cutest??!!) Kail and Isaac then walk down the isle together and Isaac gives his mama away to his step-dad  holding both of their hands during the entire ceremony. Javi and Kail cry through their emotional/adorable vows, all while Isaac is whispering sweet nothing to his mama. They then exchange rings once again and have the perfect 'first kiss' that Kail was so afraid about.

Not bad for a 'first kiss' lolol.

These two couldn't be any cuter!!! (Watch out, Catelynn and Tyler)

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea is almost done with school and is graduate in a couple days. She heads over to talk about the scariness of getting a real job and how her favorite thing to do is waxing (ouch). She tells him that after completing her final hour, she will go downstairs and the school will announce her graduation.

Chelsea completes her 600th hour at skin school and clocks out for the final time. Chelsea gets emotional as her instructor announces her graduation with Aubree accompanying her. Chelsea hugs a bunch of people and her dad surprises her with an awesome cake.


While Chelsea is waiting to get licensed, she goes on a job interview at a high-end spa. She basically gets hired on the spot and is ready to start training. Chelsea is proud of herself for being able to accomplish her dreams while being a single mom.

"I'm ready to start waxing people!!!"

While waiting to start her job, Chelsea meets up with her friend Landon to tell him about it and the issues with Adam. He is proud of Chelsea for accomplishing her goals, even if it took her a little longer than people without children.

Leah Calvert: Leah and Jeremy get in a huge fight yet again when Leah discovers that Jeremy turned down a local job opportunity for the job in New Mexico. She vents to her mom about the fact that Jeremy is distant with her whenever he leaves and how she doesn't feel like she's in a marriage because she's doing everything on her own. Meanwhile, Addalynn is screaming and Ali and Aleah are fighting over lunchables...as you do.

"Being a single mom really sucks, and stuff..."

When Jeremy finally comes back, Leah attempts to make up with him, but it just turns into another fight. Leah is upset because he didn't communicate with him about the job closer to home and Jeremy is upset because he wants to make a decent living to provide for his family. Leah is tired of doing things on her own and storms off, crying.

The girls are still fighting over lunchables when Leah and Jeremy sit down to talk about their fight. They make up before he leaves, but she's still disappointed about his lack of communication.

Leah drops the girls off with Corey and Talks to him about Ali's upcoming doctor's appointment. She also awkwardly talks about her marriage problems with and Corey looks uncomfortable. He takes off with the girls and Leah leaves alone.

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You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/shows/teen_mom_2/teen-mom-2-season-5-ep-10-we-belong-together/1724779/playlist/

Next Week: Jenelle tells Jace about his new sibling, Kailyn's mom tries to contact her, Chelsea receives a court date for the custody situation, and Leah finds out Jeremy wants a divorce.

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