Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5 Episode 9 "Miss You Much"

Jenelle Evans: It's Jace's fourth birthday and he stays over at Jenelle and Nathan's pad that morning while Babs gets ready for the party. Later, Jenelle drives him to the party, along with a ginormous Spiderman cake. Babs calls the frosting 'fundue' and tells the kids they can't eat it (um!), and Jenelle flips her lid over this. Babs is then upset when she finds out that Ken Doll (um, I mean Nathan) is coming to the party as well. At the festivities Nathan and Babs make up while Jace is randomly hitting all of his friends...as you do. Jenelle and Babs see this as a problem and they talk about it about the party why Jace is so aggressive.

Kailyn Lowry: Their gorgeous wedding is only a week away, and Kail and Javi discuss who's not invited... Jo. Apparently, he actually wanted to come, (you know, cause having your ex there wouldn't be weird at all...). Kail's mom is also not invited because she doesn't want pain on her wedding day. Kail breaks down in tears over the situation and cute little Isaac tries to comfort his mama.

Teen Mom 2
"Why did you have to hurt me so deeply, mom?"

Kail then packs her things for the wedding and Isaac melt everyone's little hearts by getting excited over Kail's dress. Cutest. Kid. Ever. Later, at a hotel, Javi talks to his groomsmen about his relationship with Kail and it's nice to see how maturely he talks, even with his friends. Meanwhile also talks about their relationship with her bridesmaids and makes up with Javi's family.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea meets up with her friend at a local coffee shop to discuss her objection to Adam's visitation request. Meanwhile, Adam's friend comes over to his dump to talk about the upcoming court cases and how he think he can win because he only 'a couple DUI's' (try 3 and 3 dozen other charges). Chelsea also enrolls Aubree into dance classes and she looks so adorable in a tutu.

"I can't wait until my Daddy shows up half-drunk to my recital!"
"Ready to shake your booty, girl?"

Leah Messer: It's time for Jeremy to go back to work again and Leah is upset, as per usual.

"At least this house has running water..."
"I can't even have help bathing my kids?"

Leah suggests that they try counseling, or nags him with it. Jeremy gets fed up with it, and slaps a piece of bacon in her face. Yes, Leah was being annoying here, but slapping her with the bacon was pretty rude.

"You're fixin' for a pork facial, lil lady!"
"Here's what you get for all your gripin'."

"You just went too far, buddy!!"


Later, Leah's sister comes over to talk how perfect Leah's life is and Leah sets her straight...that having three kids at age 21 with a hubby gone all the time is far from perfect. Jeremy then comes home and tells her that he quit his job... for a new offer in New Mexico.

*Photos from google.com and theashleysrealityroundup.com.

Next Week: Jenelle goes back to jail, Kail and Javi have a gorgeous and tear-jerking wedding, Chelsea graduates from skin school, and Leah continues to fight with Jeremy over his Job.

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