Being Catelynn Recap

Welcome to the first recap of the Teen Mom specials! (No I am not recapping "Being Farrah, due to losing too many brain cells just watching it ONCE! haha)

Anyway, the episode starts off with Cate and Ty picking up her sister Sarah from school and the conversation turns awkward when Sarah mentions their cancelled wedding. Tyler storms into the house, irritated by the conversation and the producers try to force Cate to talk about the wedding some more. Later that night, Cate and Ty sit down to talk about it and their pre-wedding goals. Catelynn is frustrated because she's doing all the counseling and he's not. Tyler gets angry by this and kind of talks to her in a jerk-ish way while Cate sobs into some exotic scarf.

"I hope I get to wear this sometime soon!" (This face is priceless)

The next day, Cate picks up her mom, April to go deal with her wedding dress. On the way there, April lights up a cigarette and Cate eats some strange food...as you do. When they get there, Cate wants to try on the wedding gown one more time, even though they haven't set a date. She pays off the dress on a card that she and Ty share, but doesn't care since he's the one who called off the wedding. (If my fiance charged that much on my card, he'd be toast!) Later that night, Cate starts feeling sick and goes to the bathroom to throw up.

"Someday I'll get this crazy man to marry me."

It's time for a speaking engagment, which is what Cate and Ty have been doing for a living. On the way there a producer asks them to turn a light on in their car. They do and make hilarious faces at the camera. At the engagement  Cate and Tyler's families are present and all get emotional watching the prevideo, especially Cate's mom (who, by the way, looks a lot healthier in this special). As they are talking about the adoption decision, Cate mentions that she's trying to get Tyler to marry her when someone asks what the future holds for the couple. (um, awkward) Afterwards, the couple goes to a local bar with friends to take some shots. After a while, Cate and her friend take a smoke break to discuss what she'll do with her wedding dress and how she's been sick the past few days and may be pregnant. (um, if there's a possibility you may be preggers, why are you drinking and smoking??)

The next day, Ty sits Cate down to ask her what's going on. She tells him she hasn't been feeling well and he worries that she may be pregnant. In the meantime, Cate and Ty visit a specialty looking store to shop for Carly's Christmas presents. After goofing around for a while, they find what they want and check out. On the way home, they vent their frustrations about not being able to post pics of Carly on social media, so the next day, they talk with their adoption counselor about it. She thinks that the issue goes deeper than what Cate and Ty think and they should really think about the issue more before talking to Brandon and Teresa.

Later, Ty goes to his mom's house to talk about the Brandon and Teresa situation. His mom and stepdad understand his frustration, but advise him to back off a little. Meanwhile Cate sits Sarah down to have a birds and bees talk. Sarah says she doesn't want to go on the Pill because it messes with her stomach and anything else would make her fat, (um, getting pregnant would make you gain a LOT more weight, just saying) so she's relying on condoms... for now. When Ty gets home, he and Cate head over to her mom's new antique shop called It's All Good (interesting) to talk about her pending divorce from Ty's dad. Ty is in complete support because he knows his dad is an addict and a liar. April is ready to get divorced, but wonders if Ty and Cate will ever get married.

The next day, Cate and Ty receive a letter in the mail from Brandon and Teresa, talking about how grateful they are to have Carly and so on. Then they call and wish them a Merry Christmas and Carly chimes in a few cute words as well. This makes them realize that they are making too big of a deal out of the whole social media pics thing. Later, Cate and her mom go to the pharmacy to purchase a pregnancy test. Cate tells the cashier lady that the test is for her mom (lol). The two head home and Cate takes the test...filming while peeing on the stick. (really MTV, did we need to see that??)

Anyway, we find out that is Cate is not pregnant (think god, but she really needs to get back on birth control) and that she's not going to tell Ty about the scare. Meanwhile, Ty goes over to his mom's house again to talk about his marriage fears. Even though his grandparents got married at 18 and are still together, he worries that their marriage won't last because so many young marriages fall apart. However, the next day, Ty takes Cate on a romantic stroll in the chilly Michigan weather and the cutest scene of all happens. Ty asks for the ring back, then re-proposes,  promising to go to counseling and do the necessary steps it takes to eventually be ready for marriage. The scene ends with them strolling, arm in arm.

You can watch the episode here: ttp://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-being-catelynn-special/1722871/playlist.jhtml

Do you think Catelynn and Tyler will make it? Guess we'll find out!

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