Being Amber Recap

"I'm really happy to see you again!"

Now it's time for the Being Amber special. (sorry this is so late, I've been really busy with the college life!!)

Anyway, the episode starts out with Amber getting released from prison and the paparazzi there to greet her, which she's less than thrilled about. Amber and her family stop at a local gas station to change clothes and grab some non-prison food. At the station, Amber gets a huge surprise... her dad there waiting for her. Amber gets emotional seeing him and they have a touching family moment. Then, Amber gets herself together and orders her food. Later, they head to her grandparents' house, where she is staying, to get settled in. Amber's grandma smells her hair and Amber explains to her that "prison hairspray is diluted so you pour half of it out and throw in Jolly Ranchers." (remind me to NEVER go to prison!!) Amber's grandma tells her not to worry, that they have actual shampoo and conditioner at their house. Then, Gary brings over Leah and the two have a cute moment.

However, before Gary leaves, Leah lets it slip that he has a new girlfriend. Although Amber already knows this, she's upset that the new girlfriend is around Leah so much, but for now, she's just focusing on her time with Leah. When Amber is getting Leah ready for bed, Leah asks her a heartbreaking question: if Amber will be there when she wakes up. Amber is upset by this and the stress of filming so they cut to a commercial break.

A Teen Mom producer goes in to check on a sobbing Amber, confessing her biggest regrets in regards to doing drugs and being away from Leah for so long. Then, Leah comes in to comfort her with a stuffed animal (aww!!) When Gary comes to pick Leah up, they discuss her birthday party and Amber is comfortable with doing it together...until he asks if his girlfriend can come. Amber explains that she is not jealous, but angry at the way Gary went about the whole situation.

Amber later talks to her grandparents about the stress of Gary's new girlfriend and Leah's birthday party. When Amber sees the family dog scratching on the door outside, Amber sympathizes, "Poor puppy, I know what it's like to be locked up somewhere...sucks." When her cousin Krystal picks her up to shop for Leah's birthday party, Amber reflects on how her relationship with Gary has changed since getting pregnant and what she wants her story to represent in the future.

Since the tension between her and Gary is stressing Amber out, she decides to have separate birthday parties for Leah. Amber's mom tells Gary the plan and they pick up Leah for her first party. The party is held at Amber's grandparents' house with Party City balloons (my favorite, of course!!). Leah gets some cute presents, and Amber can't believe she is five.

Leah then goes to celebrate her birthday with Gary and his family at a funhouse. It looks like a great party until things turn awkward when Leah wants to call Gary's new girlfriend 'mommy'. Gary and Kristina discuss this and decide that, unless she really insists on calling Kristina 'mom', they will continue having Leah call her Kristina. Back at Amber's she talks to her mom about her relationship with Gary and how it's been destroyed since she got pregnant. She decides to talk to Gary about their co-parenting problems and the issue of his new girlfriend being around. When Gary tells Kristina about the plan, she gets emotional because she is afraid that he will go back to Amber.

Later, the production crew gives a frustrated Amber a ride to Gary's house. Amber confronts Gary about having a new girlfriend while leading her on, tells him she hopes it lasts and to leave her alone so she can move on. He lets Amber see Leah before driving her back home.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-mom-being-amber-special/1722811/playlist.jhtml

Do you think Amber has changed post-prison? Guess we'll find out in the future!

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