Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 5, Episode 8 "Breakdown"

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle heads back over to Casa de Babs to visit Jace. Babs wants Jenelle to come over more often, but Jenelle complains because it's such a far ride. Later, Jenelle has to have an emergency appendectomy because her appendix nearly explodes. Trashpit Tori comes over and Jenelle explains her surgery and the fight that went down between Babs and Nathan at the hospital. They then listen to a nasty voicemail from Babs and the two attempt to make amends on the phone.

"You guys are seriously fighting when I just had surgery??"

Nathan then comes home and the two explain the situation to him. Nathan is pissed that Babs thinks he's lazy and that pretty much sums up the scene.

"I'm here, even if your mom isn't."

Babs later comes over with Jace to make amends, but instead, she and Nathan get in a huge fight over Babs's accusations. It gets pretty ugly and Babs storms off with Jace.

Kailyn Lowry: Kail is starting to feel bad about dragging Javi into the bridesmaid drama and tells him that she will work it out so they can have a peaceful wedding. Kail then heads over to the baby doctor for another ultrasound, with Isaac saying more cute musings while she awkwardly asks her doctor about encapsulating her placenta... yummy.

"What?? Placentas sound very tasty!!!"

Kailyn then heads over to the bridal store to try on her wedding dress. It's a little on the big side, but doesn't know how much to alter, because the wedding is still three weeks away.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea goes out to fetch her mail one morning and finds a pleasant surprise inside... visitation court papers from Adam. Chelsea is confused as to what they mean, so she calls her dad.

"Wtf Adam???!!"

Chelsea then complains to her friend about Adam and Aubree listens in and comments "Like my dad". Uh-oh, you better watch it, Chelsea. Meanwhile, Adam is meeting up with one of his trashpit friends at the local bar to discuss why he filed visitation and his theory of Chelsea being heartbroken over him. Chelsea then goes over to her dad's house to vent about the court case and her regrets in giving Aubree such a crappy dad.

Leah Calvert: It's Ali's first day of school and everyone is raving about it while Aleah and Addalynn are left behind.

"I love how everyone's paying attention to ME!!"

Corey then talks to his dad about the struggles of dividing attention between the two kids and his dad asks him if he's ready for any more. Corey says he wants to wait a while and take things slow for once. Meanwhile, Leah is skyping her friend Kayla about Ali's first day of school.

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Next Week: Jenelle celebrates Jace's 4th birthday, Kailyn works on last-minute wedding details, Chelsea enrolls Aubree in dance classes, and Leah asks Jeremy to go marriage counseling.

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