Couple's Theorapy Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 "Tying Up Loose Ends"

Heather goes off on Joe.
Joe vs. Heather. Source: vh1.com

So this episode starts off with Tyler and Catelynn sitting outside together. Tyler calls his mother and when he tells her that the wedding is off, she is very excited and happy that he and Catelynn have come to this decision. She knew that Tyler isn't truly happy with everything in his life and that they both need work their own individual issues before walking down the isle.

Tyler tells his mother that the wedding is off.
So glad Tyler's mom took the news well:)

Before the first therapy session of this episode, the couples notice a lie detector on the table in the therapy room. When they arrive at the therapy session, they are relieved to find out that they will not be using it. Instead, Dr. Jenn brings in a human lie detector who is more accurate. She digs deep into the couples' actions and body language. She then talks about what these actions mean about their relationships and what they could mean for the couples's futures.

She particualarly digs deep into Joe and Abbey's relationship and their fears for the future. When she digs deep into Abbey's fears, Abbey has a breakdown and admits that she is afraid her eating disorder will kill her.

Abbey breaks down when Janine confronts her.
Abbey has a hard time admitting her fears to the group.

After the group therapy session, Dr. Jenn decides to put more of her attention towards Abbey and helping her recover from her eating disorder. Having suffered an eating disorder herself, Jenn know exactly what Abbey needs in order to take the first step towards recovery. She takes Abbey to a restaurant and asks her to make a list of all the foods she is the most afraid of trying. Jenn then orders some of those foods and asks her to try some of them. This helps Abbey take the first step towards finding the joy in food again.

Dr. Jenn takes Abbey out to help conquer her disorder.
So many scary foods, so little time!

Next, Jenn focuses her attention on Catelynn and the issues she has with her mother, April. When April agrees to fly out to the therapy house, she and Catelynn attend a session with Dr. Jenn where they talk about her alcohol addiction during Catelynn's childhood and how it affects their relationship now. April also talks about her own childhood trauma and she uses alcohol to numb the pain.

Catelynn's mother joins a therapy session.
This was a much-needed session for Catelynn and her mom.

Flave approached Dustin about Joe showing his Dustin's sex tapes to everyone in house and he gets pissed off. Then, as the couples are having dinner together in the house, Joe starts a blowout fight with Heather about her boyfriend's past. When Joe proceeds to throw water at Heather, Dustin steps in and threatens to give Joe a much-needed, much-deserved ass whooping.

Dustin challenges Joe when he crosses the line.
Mess with my girl and you answer to me, pal.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/tying-up-loose-ends/1712297/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: In the season finale, Joe and Abbey leave the therapy house early, and the other couples meet to discuss their futures.

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