Couple's Therapy Recap: Season 3 Episode 7 "Trouble in Paradise"

Joe faces the harsh truth about his control issues.

Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson.

This episode starts off, once again, where the last episode left off.  Paramedics finally convince Flav and Liz to go to the hospital so Liz can get checked out. After this happens, Dr. Jenn sits the other couples down to discuss if this incident triggers any traumatic childhood memories. Catelynn and Tyler open up about cops coming to their homes as children to take their parents. Tyler, specifically, relives several incidences where cops smashed windows in the middle of the night and how it still affects him now, sleeping on edge.

The only person not present for this meeting is Joe, due to a prior engagement. Without Joe there Abbey is able to talk openly about her relationship and how he makes her feel. Tyler notices this change right away, pointing out that Abbey is quiet and submissive with Joe present, but more talkative when he's not around. Tyler was born for this and will make an amazing counselor one day!

Also in the session, Abbey opens up about how Joe is always correcting her. She breaks down and admits that Joe always makes her feel stupid.

Abbey admits she wants more of a voice in her relationship.
It's nice to see Abbey talk for once!

After celebrating his 40th birthday (yes, he and Abbey are 14 years apart in age), Joe goes into an intense personal session with Dr. Jenn. After a group session about entitlement, Dr. Jenn digs deep into the roots of Joe's controlling habits. These range from his traumatic and abusive childhood to the fear of Abbey dying from her eating disorder.

After the session, the couples meet as Flav delivers the news of Liz's pregnancy and all goes down. from here. Joe calls out Flav for not knowing for so long and the two get into an explosive fight. Although they we both acting stupid in this scene, I have to side with Flav and Liz on this one. Though I'm sure they annoyed the other couples with their drama, there are times that Joe and Abbey just need to keep their mouths shut and stay out of other people's relationships.

Joe claims Flav and Liz have been lying.

Wow, just wow.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/trouble-in-paradise/1711601/playlist.jhtml

Next week: Tyler opens opens about his fears with his dad.

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