Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Episode 11 "Bring Down the Hoe"

Spencer and Toby at the country dance. (abcfamily.com)

It's time for a country-themed school dance in Rosewood, but not everyone is in the mood for a party. As Aria, Hannah, and Spencer attend with their boyfriends, due to problems with Paige, Emily decides to skip. At the dance, Hannah and Spencer do some sluthing when Emily arrives with an important message for Aria. When talking to Ezra, Emily received some shocking news about Ezra's paternity of Malcolm and wants Aria to talk to him right away. Aria is hesitant because she has a new boyfriend, but eventually agree to talk to him after the dance. While she is there Emily sees Paige and the two reunite.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_3ow6r13n/bring-down-the-hoe

Next Week: Get ready for the most shocking season finale ever as the Liars make new discoveries!

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