Couple's Therapy Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 "Picking Up The Pieces"

Flav discusses the previous night with Dr. Jenn.
Flav in a group session with Dr. Jenn. http://vh1.mtvnimages.com/mobile/vh1_mobilepreview/flipbooks/Shows/Couples_Therapy/308/2.jpg?quality=0.85

After getting into a heated argument, Flav and Joe each meet up with Dr. Jenn to talk about what happened. While Flav is ready to make peace with Joe, Joe is being his usual doshebag self and continues to trash talk him. The two men and Abbey (why was she there?) sit down together with Dr. Jenn make ammends... for now.

 Joe and Flav bury the hatchet.
Joe and Flav bury the hatchet and get along for once.

While Dr. Jenn is busy dealing with Flav and Joe, another therapist is meeting with Tyler to talk about the issues he has with his dad. Tyler likes it better when his dad is in prison because whenever he gets out, he starts to worry about him dying of a drug overdose. The therapist reminds Tyler that what happens to his dad is not his responsibility and he shouldn't blame himself for what happens in the future. Tyler agrees, but is having a hard time letting go. When Catelynn comes outside to check on him, he gets emotional and Catelynn is there to comfort him.

Catelynn comforts Tyler after he opens up about his father.
These two couldn't be any cuter :)

In the next group therapy session they talk about a topic that hasn't been addressed yet: sex. Tyler explains the insecurity he feels when Catelynn doesn't want to do it, Dustin and Heather talk about how Dustin's past in porn affects their sex life, and Chingy and Temple talk about being on different pages on if they want to continue having sex or not.

The couples then go a junkyard for a special exercise on hurt and anger. Tyler is he first one to go releasing some built up aggression about his childhood, especially his dad. His finishes, feel much better, saying it was, "My best exercise yet."

Tyler lets loose on a car.
Tyler has needed and exercise like this for a long time!

Dr. Jenn then to Joe, but Joe, being his usual doushebag self, refuses to participate because he "doesn't believe in violence" (Yeah, Joe. You don't believe in violence, but you believe in judging and/or verbally attacking everyone in the house? YEAH THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE!!!) Abbey is reluctant as well until Dr. Jenn reveals a special surprise: a scale. Once Abbey sees the scale, Joe encourages her to beat the crap out of it and does so, feeling so much better afterwards.

Abbey vs. the scale.
Abbey vs. The Scale

Dr. Jenn then turns to Liz and asks if she wants to break some dishes. Liz agrees right away letting out all the built up anger from Flav's betrayal.

Liz gets all of her built-up aggression out.
Liz probably needed this exercise more than anyone else in the house!

In the end, this exercise makes Flav emotional as he is finally beginning to understand Liz.

Flav embraces Liz after she takes her anger out.
Flav and Liz have a touching moment after the anger exercise.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/picking-up-the-pieces/1711966/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Abbey shares her fear of dying from her eating disorder, Catelynn's mom stops by to express her regrets about Catelynn's childhood, and Joe gets into yet ANOTHER fight, this time with Dustin and Heather.

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