Switched At Birth Recap: Season 2, Episode 19: "As the Shadow Deepens"

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Things shake up this week for new couple Bay and Ty as Bay decides to help Emmett with a new project he's working on. As they are going through videos for the project, they come across their old tapes that they made when  they were a couple. Coincidentally, Ty walks in on them right when this video is showing. Understandably, he starts to become jealous and wonder if Bay still has feelings for her ex.

Daphne and her new boyfriend are getting serious and even almost go all the way while parked in his car... until the cops show up because they suppose to be parked there. They then go to the beach concession stand where Bay works, where they run into Daphne's old boss whom she a had a thing with. Daphne's boyfriend invites him to dinner with them, where they find out he's engaged to someone else. Awkward...

While Toby and Nikki are preparing for their big white wedding, Toby notices that Nikki has been very unhappy and angry lately. When he talks to her about it, she admits that she found out who killed her father. Toby wants Nikki to see him face-to-face and confront him, but she doesn't think it's a good idea. When they get to the correctional facility, Nikki leaves and Toby is left to confront the man himself. In doing so he finds out a secret that Nikki's dad had been keeping: that he was a dealer and had been selling the man drugs. Toby then tells Nikki, who doesn't believe him and continues to believe her dad is a saint.

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Next Week: Toby's parents find out what Nikki's family is really like, and they attempt everything possible to keep Bay from continuing to see Ty.

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