Recap of Maci Bookout's Special "Being Maci"


In Teen Mom Maci Bookout's special you get to see where Maci is now: raising her 4-year old son Bentley and finally getting to be a normal college student.

Maci starts off the special by telling everyone what has changed since her Teen Mom days. She is now single (or was when the special was filmed) and lives with two of her new college friends in what they call, "The Treehouse".

Maci and her friends go bowling with Bentley and we get to see a little bit of how she parents Bentley. When he throw a tantrum, Maci takes him to the bathroom and spanks him. This was an act so controversial that she and her Teen Mom co-star Tyler Baltierra had to come to her defense via Twitter. (Really people, spanking lightly is NOT abuse).

We then get to see Ryan and his annoying girlfriend (now ex) bitch about what what Maci does on the weekends. They go on and on about how Maci and her friends partying during weekends when Bentley isn't there hurts him. (If Bentley isn't there, so what if she goes out and enjoys herself!)

When Maci and her friends go out to a club, they see Ryan there. (Didn't he have Bentley that night?) She and Ryan briefly catch up and Ryan evens gets a little flirty. The next day, Maci says she doesn't she and Ryan will get back together, but if he were to ask her to dinner as a friend, she would say yes.

You can watch the special here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/being-maci-special/1712566/playlist.jhtml

What did you think of the special? Should Maci get her own spin-off show?

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