Couples Therapy Season 3 Finale Recap: "Season Finale"

Catelynn gets emotional when thanking Dr. Jenn.
Catelynn gets emotional on the last day of therapy. (Photo: vh1.com)

This season's finale starts where the last episode left off: with Joe and screaming at each other and them each going to their significant others to vent. Dustin tries to calm Heather down telling her his opinion of people doesn't really matter, while Joe storms into his bedroom venting to Abbey about classless and pathetic Heather and everyone in the house is. (Really Joe, I'm sure every single person in the house has more class than you do. When Joe and Abbey come out of the kitchen, Joe starts to controll who Abbey associates with by telling Catelynn to stay away from her.

Later, Joe sits down with Temple to talk out what happened. Temple gives him wise advise, but Joe gets defensive, telling her she's on everyone elses team. After this talk Joe and Abbey decide they have had enough of everyone in the house, so they decide to leave early.

Joe tries to get Temple to see things his way.
No, Joe. You're upset because she's telling you the truth and you don't want to hear it!

On their final night of therapy, the couples get to spend some alone time on dates to acess their relationship and discuss their futures.

Dustin and Heather go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. As they talk about their future, Dustin pulls out a surprise for Heather: a gorgeous bracelet symbolizing his commitment to her. Heather is stunned and the two of them have a great time on their date.

Dustin buys a bracelet for Heather.
So cute:)

Meanwhile, Flav is pulling out all the stops for his dinner date with Liz, first surprising her with a room full of flowers that literally looks like a garden. Liz is impressed as they go to their date to talk about their future. They discuss the challenges they are about to face with a baby on the way and how they will get through them.

Flav shows Liz a new romantic side.
This is the first time we see Liz happy in weeks.

Instead of going to dinner, Catelynn and Tyler decide to stay back at the house and have an intimate yet romantic date in the hot tub. They discuss their decision to call off their wedding and how to move forward in their relationship. They come to the conclusion that even though they're not ready to marry, the love they have for each other won't change.

Catelynn and Tyler go on a hot tub date.
These two are still as adorable as ever ;)

Chingy and Temple decide to cancel their date, due to their relationship problems and constant bickering. After getting some helpful advice from Tyler, Temple comes to the conclusion that she has had enough and if therapy didn't help their relationship, nothing will. Chingy and Temple attend one last couples session with Dr. Jenn to discuss how to part ways respectfully and peacefully.

Chingy and Temple discuss their decision with Dr. Jenn.
Chingy and Temple's split was definately for the best!

On the last day of therapy, Jenn has one last group session with the couples where they discuss their journey. Many of the couples and even the couselors get emotial as they reflet on the progress they've made as individuals and as couples. After the metting, the couples start packing up and preparing to go home.

Joe and Abbey return to the house to discuss the fight with Heather and the progress they've made in therapy. (Jenn is going to continue to work with them in outpatient therapy as well as get Abbey help with her eating disorder.) The couple then returns to the house to make ammends with everyone. The couples all their goodbyes and all head home.

Joe and Abbey return to discuss the incident.
I don't know amount of therapy can fix Joe's attitude!

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/season-finale/1712636/playlist.jhtml

Did you like the final decisions the couples made about their relationships? I guess we'll have to see what happens in their futures!


Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Episode 11 "Bring Down the Hoe"

Spencer and Toby at the country dance. (abcfamily.com)

It's time for a country-themed school dance in Rosewood, but not everyone is in the mood for a party. As Aria, Hannah, and Spencer attend with their boyfriends, due to problems with Paige, Emily decides to skip. At the dance, Hannah and Spencer do some sluthing when Emily arrives with an important message for Aria. When talking to Ezra, Emily received some shocking news about Ezra's paternity of Malcolm and wants Aria to talk to him right away. Aria is hesitant because she has a new boyfriend, but eventually agree to talk to him after the dance. While she is there Emily sees Paige and the two reunite.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_3ow6r13n/bring-down-the-hoe

Next Week: Get ready for the most shocking season finale ever as the Liars make new discoveries!

Switched At Birth Season 2 Finale Recap: Departure of Summer

Toby's parents find a surprise in their mailbox. (facebook.com)

As this season of Switched at Birth wraps up, so does the summer on the show as everyone is figuring out their next step in life.

 As Ty finds out his deployment, Bay contemplates graduating a semester early and going to an art college near him. However, her parents are not on board with this plan and lies to Bay, saying he cheated so she won't come with him.

As both Toby and Nikki's parents are expressing dissaproval over their upcoming wedding, they start to have second thoughts as to if they are ready. Toby finds out he doesn't have chlymadia and the couple begin to wonder about whether they are getting married just so they can have sex. To figure out this answer, they decide to have sex the night before their wedding. They then come to the conclusion that they are not ready to get married and cancel the wedding the day of. However, at the end of the espisode, the couple is shown happily coming out of a course, so it is possible that they could have eloped.

In the meantime, Daphne and Jace were caught blackmailing the senator and could face possible jail time.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/switched-at-birth/SH55120583/VDKA0_e84lugvh/departure-of-summer

Does Daphne get arrested? Did Toby and Nikki get married? I guess we'll find out next season!

Recap of Maci Bookout's Special "Being Maci"


In Teen Mom Maci Bookout's special you get to see where Maci is now: raising her 4-year old son Bentley and finally getting to be a normal college student.

Maci starts off the special by telling everyone what has changed since her Teen Mom days. She is now single (or was when the special was filmed) and lives with two of her new college friends in what they call, "The Treehouse".

Maci and her friends go bowling with Bentley and we get to see a little bit of how she parents Bentley. When he throw a tantrum, Maci takes him to the bathroom and spanks him. This was an act so controversial that she and her Teen Mom co-star Tyler Baltierra had to come to her defense via Twitter. (Really people, spanking lightly is NOT abuse).

We then get to see Ryan and his annoying girlfriend (now ex) bitch about what what Maci does on the weekends. They go on and on about how Maci and her friends partying during weekends when Bentley isn't there hurts him. (If Bentley isn't there, so what if she goes out and enjoys herself!)

When Maci and her friends go out to a club, they see Ryan there. (Didn't he have Bentley that night?) She and Ryan briefly catch up and Ryan evens gets a little flirty. The next day, Maci says she doesn't she and Ryan will get back together, but if he were to ask her to dinner as a friend, she would say yes.

You can watch the special here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/being-maci-special/1712566/playlist.jhtml

What did you think of the special? Should Maci get her own spin-off show?


Couple's Theorapy Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 "Tying Up Loose Ends"

Heather goes off on Joe.
Joe vs. Heather. Source: vh1.com

So this episode starts off with Tyler and Catelynn sitting outside together. Tyler calls his mother and when he tells her that the wedding is off, she is very excited and happy that he and Catelynn have come to this decision. She knew that Tyler isn't truly happy with everything in his life and that they both need work their own individual issues before walking down the isle.

Tyler tells his mother that the wedding is off.
So glad Tyler's mom took the news well:)

Before the first therapy session of this episode, the couples notice a lie detector on the table in the therapy room. When they arrive at the therapy session, they are relieved to find out that they will not be using it. Instead, Dr. Jenn brings in a human lie detector who is more accurate. She digs deep into the couples' actions and body language. She then talks about what these actions mean about their relationships and what they could mean for the couples's futures.

She particualarly digs deep into Joe and Abbey's relationship and their fears for the future. When she digs deep into Abbey's fears, Abbey has a breakdown and admits that she is afraid her eating disorder will kill her.

Abbey breaks down when Janine confronts her.
Abbey has a hard time admitting her fears to the group.

After the group therapy session, Dr. Jenn decides to put more of her attention towards Abbey and helping her recover from her eating disorder. Having suffered an eating disorder herself, Jenn know exactly what Abbey needs in order to take the first step towards recovery. She takes Abbey to a restaurant and asks her to make a list of all the foods she is the most afraid of trying. Jenn then orders some of those foods and asks her to try some of them. This helps Abbey take the first step towards finding the joy in food again.

Dr. Jenn takes Abbey out to help conquer her disorder.
So many scary foods, so little time!

Next, Jenn focuses her attention on Catelynn and the issues she has with her mother, April. When April agrees to fly out to the therapy house, she and Catelynn attend a session with Dr. Jenn where they talk about her alcohol addiction during Catelynn's childhood and how it affects their relationship now. April also talks about her own childhood trauma and she uses alcohol to numb the pain.

Catelynn's mother joins a therapy session.
This was a much-needed session for Catelynn and her mom.

Flave approached Dustin about Joe showing his Dustin's sex tapes to everyone in house and he gets pissed off. Then, as the couples are having dinner together in the house, Joe starts a blowout fight with Heather about her boyfriend's past. When Joe proceeds to throw water at Heather, Dustin steps in and threatens to give Joe a much-needed, much-deserved ass whooping.

Dustin challenges Joe when he crosses the line.
Mess with my girl and you answer to me, pal.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/tying-up-loose-ends/1712297/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: In the season finale, Joe and Abbey leave the therapy house early, and the other couples meet to discuss their futures.


Switched At Birth Recap: Season 2 Episode 20 "The Merrymakers"

Nikki at her bachelorette party.

The time has come in this episode to do what most brides and grooms do before their wedding: have bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Daphne and Bay surprise Nikki with a bachelorette party to let loose and fun in the midst of all the stress she's under. Things quickly change for the stressful when Nikki gets drunk and calls her boss to leave an angry message on his phone. When she and Daphne go to work to erase the message, his office door is locked, but luckily the janitor is there and can door for them. However, he tell the boss and John Kennish finds out what happened.

Toby is on way to his bachelor party when he receives a surprising call from his girlfriend, telling him that she had contracted chlamydia. Since he and Emmett had both slept with her, they go the clinic together instead of going to the party. What a fun way to spend a bachelor party! Then, they find out they won't be able to get results for 8-10 business days and Toby's wedding is less than a week away. Oh no!

Meanwhile, Bay is trying to get Ty out his deployment and asks her dad if he can pull any strings.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/switched-at-birth/SH55120583/VDKA0_zp32cp84/the-merrymakers

Next Week: Toby's parents try to stop the wedding from happening and Bay learns a shocking secret about Ty.


Couple's Therapy Recap: Season 3 Episode 8 "Picking Up The Pieces"

Flav discusses the previous night with Dr. Jenn.
Flav in a group session with Dr. Jenn. http://vh1.mtvnimages.com/mobile/vh1_mobilepreview/flipbooks/Shows/Couples_Therapy/308/2.jpg?quality=0.85

After getting into a heated argument, Flav and Joe each meet up with Dr. Jenn to talk about what happened. While Flav is ready to make peace with Joe, Joe is being his usual doshebag self and continues to trash talk him. The two men and Abbey (why was she there?) sit down together with Dr. Jenn make ammends... for now.

 Joe and Flav bury the hatchet.
Joe and Flav bury the hatchet and get along for once.

While Dr. Jenn is busy dealing with Flav and Joe, another therapist is meeting with Tyler to talk about the issues he has with his dad. Tyler likes it better when his dad is in prison because whenever he gets out, he starts to worry about him dying of a drug overdose. The therapist reminds Tyler that what happens to his dad is not his responsibility and he shouldn't blame himself for what happens in the future. Tyler agrees, but is having a hard time letting go. When Catelynn comes outside to check on him, he gets emotional and Catelynn is there to comfort him.

Catelynn comforts Tyler after he opens up about his father.
These two couldn't be any cuter :)

In the next group therapy session they talk about a topic that hasn't been addressed yet: sex. Tyler explains the insecurity he feels when Catelynn doesn't want to do it, Dustin and Heather talk about how Dustin's past in porn affects their sex life, and Chingy and Temple talk about being on different pages on if they want to continue having sex or not.

The couples then go a junkyard for a special exercise on hurt and anger. Tyler is he first one to go releasing some built up aggression about his childhood, especially his dad. His finishes, feel much better, saying it was, "My best exercise yet."

Tyler lets loose on a car.
Tyler has needed and exercise like this for a long time!

Dr. Jenn then to Joe, but Joe, being his usual doushebag self, refuses to participate because he "doesn't believe in violence" (Yeah, Joe. You don't believe in violence, but you believe in judging and/or verbally attacking everyone in the house? YEAH THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE!!!) Abbey is reluctant as well until Dr. Jenn reveals a special surprise: a scale. Once Abbey sees the scale, Joe encourages her to beat the crap out of it and does so, feeling so much better afterwards.

Abbey vs. the scale.
Abbey vs. The Scale

Dr. Jenn then turns to Liz and asks if she wants to break some dishes. Liz agrees right away letting out all the built up anger from Flav's betrayal.

Liz gets all of her built-up aggression out.
Liz probably needed this exercise more than anyone else in the house!

In the end, this exercise makes Flav emotional as he is finally beginning to understand Liz.

Flav embraces Liz after she takes her anger out.
Flav and Liz have a touching moment after the anger exercise.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/picking-up-the-pieces/1711966/playlist.jhtml

Next Week: Abbey shares her fear of dying from her eating disorder, Catelynn's mom stops by to express her regrets about Catelynn's childhood, and Joe gets into yet ANOTHER fight, this time with Dustin and Heather.


Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4 Episode 10 "Into the Deep"


Just as Hannah is about to make a false murder murder confession for her mother, she finds out someone else already has: Mona. Because Mona made this shocking confession, she wasn't arrested due to lack of evidence but Hannah's mother was released from jail. She is to stay on house arrest until her court date.

Emily's girlfriend surprises her with a birthday present early: a meeting with a professional swim trainer. However, when Emily goes to the meeting she finds out her girlfriend didn't tell the coach about her injury and it wouldn't be realistic for her to be ready on time for swimming season because of this. Her girlfriend later throws her a surprise birthday party in an attempt to cheer her up, but they come to the heartbreaking realization that they won't be able to go to college together.

At the party, Spencer and Aria spy on Jenna because they heard her say new information about Allison. When they track her down, they find out unconscious in the lake and call an ambulance.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_4112t7l3/into-the-deep

Next Week: A declares war on the Liars and they team up to make a shocking discovery.

Switched At Birth Recap: Season 2, Episode 19 "What Goes Up Must Come Down"

Daphne and Jace.
Source: google.com

Things take a turn for the interesting when Bay and Ty decide to go on a fun and exciting trip together before Ty's deployment: camping. Bay asks Regina if she can go and Regina tells her she needs to bring some friends to make her story more legit for Bay's parents. Bay names off a few names and she and Ty are on their way. When they get there, Ty pressures Bay climb a climbing pole and then jump down. Bay is resistant  to the idea, but decides to do it because she trusts Ty. Ty sees this as a test to see if they can handle being apart while he is gone. However his plan backfires and the two get into a huge, causing Bay to disappear for two hours. When Bay returns, her ankle starts to hurt badly and Ty rushes her to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Daphne and Jace break up, and Nikki finds that her father sold drugs before he was killed. She then starts pressuring Tony to have sex and demands that the wedding location be moved.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/switched-at-birth/SH55120583/VDKA0_qugzaqv1/what-goes-up-must-come-down

Next Week: Toby's Parents find out what Nikki's family is really like and Bay's father pays Ty a special visit.


Couple's Therapy Recap: Season 3 Episode 7 "Trouble in Paradise"

Joe faces the harsh truth about his control issues.

Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson.

This episode starts off, once again, where the last episode left off.  Paramedics finally convince Flav and Liz to go to the hospital so Liz can get checked out. After this happens, Dr. Jenn sits the other couples down to discuss if this incident triggers any traumatic childhood memories. Catelynn and Tyler open up about cops coming to their homes as children to take their parents. Tyler, specifically, relives several incidences where cops smashed windows in the middle of the night and how it still affects him now, sleeping on edge.

The only person not present for this meeting is Joe, due to a prior engagement. Without Joe there Abbey is able to talk openly about her relationship and how he makes her feel. Tyler notices this change right away, pointing out that Abbey is quiet and submissive with Joe present, but more talkative when he's not around. Tyler was born for this and will make an amazing counselor one day!

Also in the session, Abbey opens up about how Joe is always correcting her. She breaks down and admits that Joe always makes her feel stupid.

Abbey admits she wants more of a voice in her relationship.
It's nice to see Abbey talk for once!

After celebrating his 40th birthday (yes, he and Abbey are 14 years apart in age), Joe goes into an intense personal session with Dr. Jenn. After a group session about entitlement, Dr. Jenn digs deep into the roots of Joe's controlling habits. These range from his traumatic and abusive childhood to the fear of Abbey dying from her eating disorder.

After the session, the couples meet as Flav delivers the news of Liz's pregnancy and all goes down. from here. Joe calls out Flav for not knowing for so long and the two get into an explosive fight. Although they we both acting stupid in this scene, I have to side with Flav and Liz on this one. Though I'm sure they annoyed the other couples with their drama, there are times that Joe and Abbey just need to keep their mouths shut and stay out of other people's relationships.

Joe claims Flav and Liz have been lying.

Wow, just wow.

You can watch the episode here: http://www.vh1.com/video/couples-therapy/full-episodes/trouble-in-paradise/1711601/playlist.jhtml

Next week: Tyler opens opens about his fears with his dad.

16 and Pregnant's Lori Wickelhaus is Engaged... and Pregnant Again

16 and pregnant
Lori and her new fiance.

We don't hear much from this 16 and Pregnant girl, but she just recently revealed some shocking news...she recently became engaged to her fiance Joey and they are expecting their first child together.

Lori is known for placing her son, Aiden, for adoption in 2009 on her episode of 16 and Pregnant. Lori and Aiden's birthfather, Corey, no longer speak. After the show, she fell into a deep depression and "fell into a downward spiral." She states, “I had no dreams, I had no goals, I didn’t care what happened day to day,” Then she went to live at a transitional program in West Virginia to get her life back on track. 

After completing the program, she met Joey and the rest is history. Now that she is a new fiance and mom-to-be, she is getting her life back where it needs to be. Congrats to the happy couple and I wish them all the best!

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 "The Guilty Girl's Handbook"

Source: abcfamily.com

This episode becomes intense as Hannah does something drastic to get her mother out of jail-convict herself of the murder that her mother was convicted of. In order to get people to believe that she is guilty, she turns to the last person anyone would expect one of the Liars to turn to: Mona. Mona gives Hannah tips on how to make her case believeable but the rest of the cast is worried that she is throwing her whole future away.

Emily and her mother are picking up the pieces after a car crashes into their home. They move into a hotel while the house is repaired and Emily's mother encourages her to focus on getting into a good college. However, Emily is more focused on her mother's well being and is worried about she could afford to go to an good school their house was wrecked.

Meanwhile, Spencer is doing more sluthing to find A with Toby and Aria is doing her own sluthing with her brother.

You can watch the episode here: http://watchabcfamily.go.com/pretty-little-liars/SH5547476/VDKA0_uhemt9zk/the-guilty-girls-handbook

Next Week: The Liars think Alison is alive and Spencer goes missing again.

Teen Mom's Maci Bookout coming back to MTV for special "Being Maci"

Maci Bookout and Bentley Celebrate July 4th
Source: wetpaint.com

Maci Bookout has been off of MTV for almost a year but on August 18th, she will return for her own special "Being Maci".

The one hour special " will follow 21-year-old Maci in Chattanooga, Tennessee as she spends time with friends, sorts through local drama and, of course, takes care of her main man, five-year-old Bentley".

You can watch the announcement here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/942226/macis-announcement.jhtml#series=2215&seriesId=29240&channelId=1&id=1711606

Basically, what Maci has been up to since Teen Mom stopped filming. Are you exited to see this special? I know I am! Let me know in the comments below.


Switched At Birth Recap: Season 2, Episode 19: "As the Shadow Deepens"

Source: google.com

Things shake up this week for new couple Bay and Ty as Bay decides to help Emmett with a new project he's working on. As they are going through videos for the project, they come across their old tapes that they made when  they were a couple. Coincidentally, Ty walks in on them right when this video is showing. Understandably, he starts to become jealous and wonder if Bay still has feelings for her ex.

Daphne and her new boyfriend are getting serious and even almost go all the way while parked in his car... until the cops show up because they suppose to be parked there. They then go to the beach concession stand where Bay works, where they run into Daphne's old boss whom she a had a thing with. Daphne's boyfriend invites him to dinner with them, where they find out he's engaged to someone else. Awkward...

While Toby and Nikki are preparing for their big white wedding, Toby notices that Nikki has been very unhappy and angry lately. When he talks to her about it, she admits that she found out who killed her father. Toby wants Nikki to see him face-to-face and confront him, but she doesn't think it's a good idea. When they get to the correctional facility, Nikki leaves and Toby is left to confront the man himself. In doing so he finds out a secret that Nikki's dad had been keeping: that he was a dealer and had been selling the man drugs. Toby then tells Nikki, who doesn't believe him and continues to believe her dad is a saint.

You can watch the episode here:

Next Week: Toby's parents find out what Nikki's family is really like, and they attempt everything possible to keep Bay from continuing to see Ty.


Evil Uno and Randomness

Source: google.com

For the past few days, I've been spending time with my cousins and this is what we've been doing. Helen describes Evil Uno as "Diabolical". Liz describes as "Way better than regular Uno and you will never go back". Janice would describe it as "Awesome".

Other randomness includes sardines "The best game ever",  Horseopoly and interesting music. Sardines are always the best, because people can hide under random places, like under the deck.


Pamela spent two hours selling ice cream at the fair, but didn't eat any. We played Horseopoly while Pamela played with a random foam piece. This happened until we all got tired and we all lost.

We went on a shopping spree which Helen describes as "Very costly." Elizabeth liked spraying with everyone with body mist at Bath & Body Works. Pamela enjoyed nothing except for eating pretzels at the end. The adults just wandered around aimlessly and shopped for Christmas presents in August.

To wrap up our fabulous visit,, we played a hilarious game called the name game, where we put celebrity names on slips of paper and have two minutes to guess who they are. The next round, we play charades with the names and the final round, we have to desribe the names in one word. Of course, mine were the most obnoxious names of the group!
So that was our visit and all the randomness in it.

See ya later!